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young love

so a MONTH ago we went to see an old favorite, Young Love, and a new favorite, Paper Route play at Kilby Court in SLC. we only took the Holga and it took me a month to get the film developed and then scan them in. can you imagine blogging pre-digital cameras? i wouldn't do it!

you couldn't tell by this pic but the lead singer for Young Love is a tall drink of water.

i feel like this is a glimpse into what muffin will look like when he's 80...

i threw out half the roll because they were a blurry mess, but this one cracks me up.
we've got the battery and the kodak film label on this one:

but then you get the one golden goose and it's worth it:
and a fellow concert go-er snapped up this one:
every time i wear these jeans out i get stopped by a stranger.
i will let you in on a secret...
i bought the william rast savoy flares a couple years ago because they make
cans look stellar
(especially my lack-luster bum.)
i hardly ever wore them because they were too flared, so i forked out $22.00 to have them tailored into skinnies... LOVE 'em.

and here's some random image love to carry you on your way: