happy hallogivingmas

One of Russ' best friends, Alex Grow, is famous for his random parties. This one in particular is no exception. His cutest girlfriend Annie Stewart (yes of Malcolm Stewart lineage) is leaving for study abroad in London for 3 months, and we also had Jace Anderson's birthday to celebrate. So it was a birthday party for Jace... and a Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas party for Annie. I told you it was random. The party-goers were even more random, but here are some pics. Sorry in advance about all the red-eye.

For dinner we had turkey, mashed tates, gravy, and halloween candy. Here's Wyatt doing the honors.

The only way the boys could get Jace to his suprise party was to throw a blanket over him, tie him up and carry him there.

Jace was so mad that he'd barely let Jimmy untie him, but apparently he was loving the blanket turban cause it stayed on all night.

The original buddies. I love them all to little pieces and can't wait for them to find the right ladies so we can all party ball-and-chain style.

When all is said and done there's no one I'd rather be balled and chained to than this one.


kara munns haught said...

emily you are the cutest little wife!I wish Sam and i could party with you and russ... i know we would have a great time!!!

Kayla said...

SO FUN! i love your blog you guys always have something intresting:) ha ha i love ya em ttyl*

Brooke and Shawn... said...

Once again- You and Russ are perfect for eachother. Can we hang out soon?

rebokbeck said...

hi... i saw your blog from liz's and just had to say that you and russ are adorable! I knew russ from like junior high, and look at all of those guys!! How fun! anyway, you guys are so cute:)

nicole hill said...

wow.. i actually know these boys... trent (my next door neighbor), wyatt and jimmy.

charity said...

that's a super cute pic of you two!

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