Absolute picture overload. We had the best time and are for sure making a Winter tropical trip a must. I feel like a new woman. Russ works so dang hard and he says it feels like Groundhog Day over and over so breaking up the Winter when there's not as many after work options was everything to us. The boys got the active quality time they crave and they really thrive trying new things. Love that about them!

I must give Cal a bad wrap since he can't smile in photos people assume he is actually ticked the whole time, but he had a blast. He does best with few limits and the beach is the best place for that. A rare candid smile out of him! If he's being cooperative he does the Chandler Bing type, or if he didn't want to take a pic he's pissed. Exhibit A:

All inclusive was amazing too with that Kidz Club, it was a baby moon half the time and a family vacation the other half. WIN! We hadn't planned on using it but the boys begged everyday so they went a bit each day and we loved it too.
Post massage.
Candy Shop open all day with nothing but desserts. We were here a loooot.

Showing off how far he swam. Getting super good! Next project is Cal, he's a sinking brick.

He's just such a good kid. Always thinking, planning, analyzing, deconstructing. 
Making lists. 
Wonder where he got it? Honestly I don't really show that side of myself to them, but he for sure got it from me. Including a bit of my anxiety, poor kid. Keeping my eye on it for sure, I only recently realized what I thought was onset anxiety at around 19 for myself was probably there all along. Interesting what you learn when you parent your own kid!
Russ was so cute. Just asking all the time "This is included?!" as if the rug was gonna be pulled out from under him. He's so used to us hemorrhaging money (as he says) it was so nice to not have to shell it out all week.

All in all an absolute dream!!

 In closing a story: The shuttle to the airport was my first sign, but the whole trip home was awful. I was so nauseous and then started throwing up in the middle of our flight home. Our whole row was cleaned out of air sick bags, the row next to us, too. The line to the bathroom was epic and there was a drink cart in front of the other bathroom. SO gross, but I held it in my mouth for an eternity while Russ dumped out that shark backpack below. Then I promptly threw that shark backpack into the trash. Thanks for everything shark backpack. I threw up the rest of the flight and then the whole drive home and then 24 more hours after that. Maybe I caught a Mexican barf bug? But I felt okay it was just that I couldn't keep anything down! After a certain point you just can't come back, I was so dehydrated. A liter fluid bag at the doc office helped for sure. Definitely a memory that is not funny yet, but surely will be. Pre-flight backpacks:

Adios Cancun, we'll be back!

christmas 2015

This was in the thick of the nausea, barfing, laying around all day. A rough Winter for certain. I took hardly any pictures and just really did nothing but watch TV. It's all I could muster and simultaneously keep my mind off how sick I felt. Pregnancy is a B. Sitting here writing this at 16 weeks I honestly don't know if I can pull off another pregnancy. I felt so much different as a 24 year old, now being 30 I am feeling it in a different way. But, enough complaints! So grateful to be able to have another baby, to be able to do this even if haphazardly. 

Temple Square with siblings! My two very not-mormon siblings but they were good sports. And Lauren! Bethany and Lauren are getting married next Fall! Super exciting. 

Pretty pic of Hayes. We're just Summer people I don't know what else to say! Making the most of it.

Winter's Nap. Yep, still doing it.

Couple swim sessions over Christmas break.

Christmas at Gigi's in Manti - just a quick overnighter but fun to have with everyone! Weird that the three parents who lived close all moved away in the last two years? Dad to New Zealand, Ingrid to Yucca Valley, Mom to Manti. Russ's dads still live in the Mid-West, but if anything it is nice to be forced to rely on yourselves together as a couple. To find your own safety net and help and sitters. My siblings being close is always such a gift so if they moved away - so help me!

Our own Christmas with Casey too. He slept over and it was fun!
boys in jammies and waiting to open their gifts.

cal's half birthday celebration at school. What a nut!

I told you I didn't take many pics! Here's to the Spring post having more girth. ;)

fall 2015

Just sticking with what's working here, a post a season. ;)
Hayes had his first day of Kindergarten. He was making these kooky faces all day. I don't think he could've hid his nerves if he tried! Made him turn around on his way on the bus for this one:
I personally kept it together until this moment. His teacher came out to line them up and he was off. Hurt the heart! He's so big, and he's so small, you know?
We did a few really awesome hikes with my hiking friends. This is the Three Sisters hike.
Lots of family time as usual...
Twin poses, kills me.

Small Fry went to NYC for an event, it was such a train wreck. So many things went wrong when it came to the event, but the days before were wonderful! And we saw Matilda! Super super cute. 
I loved the message and the tweaks they made from the book and movie. I had to right? Grateful my friends were willing.
More Fall things:

Kiddie Hikes
picking our christmas tree early

Pumpkin patches

Halloween! King, Queen, Knight and Dragon. Russ and mine were straight from our closets. Impressive right?

Papa T made his annual Fall trip and brought these crazy rocket launchers. We got one off before breaking it. Ha!

Just a photo of Cal's room after he was in time-out. I had a good laugh.

The boys. They really are so close. I've stopped worrying about the wrestling, fighting, teasing so much and tried to give them their space to figure it out. Seems to be helping! Just in time for another sibling to throw a wrench! ;)