fall 2014

we squeezed every drop out of this Fall season. it seemed extra amazing and beautiful to me this year and i couldn't get enough!

Bridal Veil Falls (can you spot Cal?)

the ski lift at sundance complete with scary suckers

they did so good on the lift! last time we did this Cal was wriggling out of my arms. oh the difference a year makes!

at the top!

so beautiful!

we (cal and i) did a couple hikes this summer but this one in the middle of fall was so pretty!
thankfully i had friends to take turns carrying him. he looks so giant and it made me laugh the whole way up. 

 on our way out.
this has nothing to do with Fall but i told Hayes to show Cal how to scrub his arm pits and it was the cutest thing i've ever seen, Cal watching Hayes so intently and copying his every move.

we are still Summer people so we had to hit the indoor pool. they woke me up with goggles on and asked all morning so i sort of had to. we'll be here a lot these cold months i predict.

more leaves

my mom's yard is the perfect place to enjoy fall. so many trees + the river. i tossed one million rocks and sticks into that river thinking about life, love seeing my boys do the same.

and halloween:
Cal looked through every page on Amazon (i let them pick and i don't care to make them in advance in case they change their minds, maybe when they're older!) and page after page nothing caught his eye until this banana. he loved it and loved wearing it.

  and actually on Halloween we got costumes for Russ and I. 
French Fries and the Hamburglar.

he' such a creep. ha!

the 4th annual halloween parade! we usually have a powerful candy cannon but this year we had to improvise. a basket + exercise bands. (with a ninja, Flo from Progressive and Russ)

they kept getting pelted with candy so they ended up in glasses and welding masks.

 i need to find and collage all the pics of these boys on halloween. there's pretty much one every year. they're so silly and in their own world at all times. Hayes has a power ranger!
 Cal slept through the parade but was still stoked to be a banana:

cracking me up in the back seat. being all banana-y.

one more of Russ. the biggest kid of all.

9th anniversary

For our 9th anniversary we did something we've never done before since having kids. Left them with a sitter over night. One of us has ALWAYS put them to bed. always. 
we both have our own complexes and giant lists of reasons why we didn't want to leave them before this point, but as they've gotten older we knew we had to give it a shot. we had all these plans to do bigger and longer trips but figured we should start with one night first.

so thanks to our moms we spent a night back at the Grand.
i forgot what it is like to not be on a schedule or have somewhere to be. that is my life's reality right now, so having really nothing to do but whatever we wanted was so nice!

our anniversary gift from the concierge and our super chic fan. kids or no kids, no can be asked to sleep without a fan.

we shopped around, tried Flemings (super good but Ruth's is better) and relaxed at the Grand Spa.

the next day we had quite the task when we had plans to go the temple but realized Russ forgot his church clothes. he refused to buy anything nice so we found the nearest (super far) thrift store and died laughing as he tried to find something not embarrassing to wear. you can't tell but he's wearing jeans. the pants options were slim at Saver's.

another awesome meal at Faustina for breakfast. puff pastry eggs benedict. i meannnn.
the anniversary wasn't over just yet... the next week we had tickets to see Alt-J for our 9 year tradition of taking in a concert to celebrate. Alt-J has foiled me twice now to see them live, we originally planned our Nashville trip around seeing them and then they lost their guitarist and stopped touring. i was starting to think i'd never get to see them so i was a happy girl!


such a great anniversary. the boys did so well, slept all night and were good boys for our moms so it was a great first trip alone. the past couple years have been real doozies and have left me really digging deep. i feel like my heart and mind have been rendered and hopefully come out a little bit stronger and more empathetic a person. Russ has been so patient and kind and invested in helping me get through it all. he really is such a wonderful companion and partner i love him so much!

more summer

It snowed yesterday so naturally I'm revisiting Summer pics. 
like when we went to our first monster truck rally. Cal was so cute. clapping the whole time and then dancing for a solid three minutes for the camera.
 then we hit up the CRAZY expensive fair. $9 for a ferris wheel ride, really? we slipped the guy a $5 in cash and he let us on free. #carnies. every time we got to this position Hayes would flip and wave like a maniac, shaking the bucket an freaking me out.

Cal had the time of his life. My mom thought it was hilarious to shake our bucket. i swear i almost had a heart attack. brought back memories of riding on the back of her jet ski at lake powell. this lady is a wild woman!

a end of Summer stay cation at the Grand America. the boys get their dad's summer tan.

 it's unbeatable in the Summertime! 
we did three sessions of the cheap rec center swim lessons this summer.
one with Hayes' buddy Porter and two with Gus. it seemed like they were doing the same stuff day in and day out and then BAM he was just swimming one day. he has gotten more and more daring and comfortable since this day. being a good swimmer is non-negotiable for me so i am thrilled that he's improved so much!
dinner that night

so much tramp time. with every jump he would yell "karate!" "karate!"

these guys fight so dang much, but when they play well it's so good. 

at the very end of the Summer we stayed up in Logan and Bear Lake for Russ' grandma Pip's 80th birthday. we spent a couple days with the Whites which is always so fun.

and then surprised Pip.

she's the best.

we spent a handful of evenings up the canyon with Collin and their camper Sweet Pea.
here's Avery taking the boys on a blind hike. they put their beanies over their eyes and she showed them around. it was hilarious.


one huge change we made this Summer is Russ with my brother in law Tim started flipping houses. like all things Russ does, he mentions it once to me and then somehow days later it's happening. he's a go-getter for sure! somehow in only a few months they're already on their 4th house. so proud of him, his business is really taking off and he's hired a bunch of guys (and one middle aged woman, i'm told, too!) after so many years of building his business this has been an exciting development.
this one is his 3rd house, i went up mid-project, and now it's on the market! it's the most darling house, with modern lines and giant windows and a giant yard. i sort of want to live there. in sugarhouse!

i love this stage of life. where having two kids close together stops being such a sweat-fest and starts being super lovely.

Hayes played soccer this Summer, too! he would have spurts of aggression and sprinting, and then totally unaware and wanting to hold babies on the sideline. he has several older boys in our neighborhood who play on our yard all the time and that seems to have piqued his interest more than a formal game setting. 

birthday parties galore! they LOVED getting their faces painted.

best friends!