the 4th, 2015

The 4th!! All my siblings were here so we took full advantage. The parade in the morning,
Cracker Barrel for brunch.
Swimming at my Uncle Jeff's (just missing Izzy and we got all families repped!)

Fireworks at our house 
I pulled out my boxes of glow necklaces and the kids (and adults) had a blast.
Funniest dance party I've ever been to. I'll never forget watching everyone, adults and kids combined dancing like idiots. 



Callum is 4

This post is a few weeks late, but had to get some things written down about our sweet Cal at age 4!
Callum is super tall and super skinny. I don't think he's broken 40 pounds yet, maybe 36? He's light as a feather, a long slender torso, long arms and legs, everything is long. His fingers and toes too. I remember when he was a newborn and would sleep with his hands to his face, his long fingers framing it like a ballerina. He is still long and graceful and has the most beautiful pointed feet I've ever seen. Not saying he'll be a ballerino, but he for sure could. 

He is so full of life. I have found myself in hundreds of laugh attacks together with Cal. He gets so giggly especially at bed time and we will both laugh to tears. He is always quick to laugh and quick to be distracted. He has become very reasonable which I am so grateful for, that was not the case the last couple years! He is so much fun, he gets so excited and pumped about things. He makes everything more fun.

He is the quirkiest guy, too. Part of what makes him so entertaining and fun is that I have no idea what he will do next. With Hayes I can see how his mind is working, turning and processing, but Cal is a mystery to me. Just hopping up on Collin...
So happy at the 4th of July parade


He loves to wrestle, play weapons, and go super fast on his scooter. He absolutely flies on that thing, its a Micro scooter so he leans to steer and he has this crazy balance that will for sure help him with sports later in life. Get this kid on a surfboard! 
Every face he makes is just intense, stink eyes, smiling, excitement. 

Here is he "breathing fire" to kill Daddy in a play fight. // Jumping off the stairs.

Callum loves to eat carbs and cheese. He loves chicken, cantaloupe, egg in a frame, and bacon. The kid can pound 8 slices in a sitting. He went from a breastmilk fanatic, to a whole milk fanatic, to an almond milk fanatic to nothing. He had to get 4 crowns on his front teeth due to all this milk at night and that was enough motivation to stop the sippy cups at night. He has been to the ER a few times this year. Tripping into my bed frame and needing stitches on his lip, getting bit by a few different dogs. He has my anxiety at red alert most of the time.  He moved from a crib to a bunk bed but loves to fall asleep in mom and dads bed and we move him when we're ready to sleep. He sleeps each nap in my bed too, which I love to lay by him for a few minutes. He still (since he was little) sleeps right on top of his pillow horizontally. He is the cuddliest boy and wraps his little legs tight around you like a koala bear. 

And I can't forget Skylanders. He's been obsessed with them the better part of a year. He watches YouTube videos, plays with the figures, or plays the video game throughout each and every day. 
He knows all their names and every chore, every dollar he earns is going to go toward Skylanders. 
We have so many of those dumb things. They bring him so much happiness and I don't know what I'll do when he grows out of them. They better have a killer resale value on eBay!

 Callum is smart as a whip. He could easily go to Kindergarten with Hayes for how much he knows, but we have taken our sweet time helping him become more comfortable and assimilated. Being the baby he didn't seem ready to me last year, or even this year up until the end of the Summer. He loves being at home, with me. The last few months or so he has started to open up to friends, other adults, teachers at church and even strangers. Makes me happy to see him more comfortable when he's out of his comfort zone. He starts preschool next week and the whole thing is giving me butterflies. I am glad we are here, to this point, that he is ready, but its bittersweet. A couple mornings a week they'll both be at school, and its just me and Leo. More on Leo later!

 Some funny things I wrote down throughout the year that cal said ---

When I was rocking him to sleep each night with his sippy (until the dentist of course) the last thing he would say every single night was "Leave the dahyer (door) open.

He's outgrowing this one but was highly prevalent most of the 3rd year -- if you laugh at him or he senses you're making fun of him he will yell "Its! Not! Fun-nayyyy!" or "Stop! Looking! At! Mayyyy!" (he yelled this at our bishop while we walked down he hall at church one day.)

I was rocking him, kissing his cheeks and said "oooh these taste like marshmallows!" he flung his leg up and landed his foot right on my face and said "Be-tend (pretend) this is bacon." Dead seriously.

"This might sound strange, but I don't have very many Skylander Giants." (he has a million)

Hayes was expressing worry that he was going to have bad dreams that night about a shark eating his hands and feet. Cal said "I had a bad dream too, that mom wouldn't let me take Skylanders to bed."

--> Here he is tasting is from scratch cake that turned out so yummy but so ugly. It was the least I could do when he wanted a skylander giant cake topper. Those sugar sheets might be easy but they are hard to make photo worthy, that's for sure.

Happy birthday Honeyman! You've grown so much this year and I can't wait to see what your 4th year brings you! You bring us so much happiness and laughter and the world is absolutely yours.
Love, Mom.


california 2015

As two self-employed people and utter cheap skates with a hint of extreme dental work loathing we rarely make it to the dentist. The cost for the experience just doesn't weigh out. Ha. But, now that our buddy Jimmy is a dentist and we trust him with our lives we decided it would be worth a trip to see him in Newport. Russ spent literally an entire morning on his chair (4 years without a check up you do the math) but somehow I got out with only one cavity. As the girl with several cavities a check-up growing up I was super pleased. Also seeing your friend be amazing at a huge educational undertaking like a dentist really made my heart swell/felt really old.

Jimmy and Elliott. E you're pretty cute.
They (along with Jamie!) showed us some serious good food - Sessions for sandwiches and La Fogata for the best steak fajitas.
Hayes eating a giant side of pot roast. Literally his food tastes have exploded lately. Kid is a true carnivore.
Of course we hit the beach:
skinny little legs! Cal not me.

Collin and his family were already in Newport so we met up with them for a couple beach days

And a day at DisneyLand! we've been dreaming to get them all there together and it was a blast.
Dumbo!  // stroller nap! I'm telling you, we'll nap forever.
Hayes' favorite ride was Autotopia and said that he liked Pirates but his "tummy felt like it was gonna barf." Cal's favorite ride was the Nemo submarine. 

they were so stoked i promise. i've just ruined picture taking for them. 
They passed the vacation baton off to Jenna, who we stayed with for a couple days:

 Spent Mother's Day lounging by the pool:
eating and playing at the park!
And taking a family nap:

I read somewhere that 80% of an adults' childhood memories are away from home and it made me happy. Traveling with kids isn't easy but it is so worth it! Maybe one day we'll want that 10 day beach vacation without kids but right now, we truly love having them along, experiencing new things and making memories side by side.

st. george

A few photos from a weekend in St. George with the Buddy wives while the guys went to Vegas...
The morning we left Cal had his first trip to the ER. Everytime I see him smile in these pics I cringe. He had several stitches right on the corner of his mouth after face planting into the corner of our bed. It was so bad, and Russ was already in Vegas so I flew solo. PTSD for me for sure. Thankfully it healed beautifully, even though he refused to stay out of the pool and had giant smiles as seen below.

Hayes cannot get over how chubby Oliver (Malcolm & Annie's) is. Months later he still references it. A couple days ago we had a long convo on how to be healthy - talked about exercise and eating healthy and what happens when you don't... Hayes concluded that Oliver must be chubby from eating so much candy.

spring 2015

Some photos from this Spring! How big and cute are they??

Me and Cal // Hayes riding his friend Gus Petersen's dirt trail

Popsicles // Easter Bunny! (Nicole)

Once on Broadway (amazing amazing amazing, so cleverly stage directed and so up my alley) // More popsicles

I wonder sometimes if they realize how majestic their stomping grounds are
Mt. Timp // Spring Blossom Shower

Cal's Happy Place since 2011.
Hayes finally seemed to grow out of his picky eating phase. PHEW! Russ and I were constantly telling him if we're eating it it's because it tastes good. He didn't believe until this Spring.
First (and definitely not the last) Hot wing:

A taste of REAL pizza (costco you're good, but Pizzeria 712 has you beat.)
Sunset at a park
Bijou Market! I got bronchitis the first afternoon and it was brutal. It took me a solid week to feel back to up to par. I've never experienced anything like it!
Early morning brothers
More Easter Festivities. Look at that easter basket grocery bag. Ha!
Papa Mike stayed with us for a few weeks in March to help Russ get back on schedule at work(s). Haven't been able to mention that he started a delivery laundry and dry cleaning business (its washed.com) and had recently taken the plunge on flipping houses, which is a long time dream of his. Meanwhile his regular business exploded.  He has been working around the clock! 12 hour days and then comes home helps me put the boys to bed and goes back for a few more. CRAZY! Mike helped him out a ton and spoiled them with this ninja turtle car:
Cal's face, be scared buddy.
When you ask Russ to smile. He's more of a candid guy. Or maybe a no pic at all guy, maybe that's where the boys get it. You'll thank me later Frames!
Big 5 year old still napping. I'll never let go!
A round of Itty Bitty Ball - a sports camp to help introduce sports to toddlers. Too funny.
Cal the lefty // Cal's face is so serious here it makes me laugh.
He would get pouty anytime he wasn't good at something. Catching, throwing, running, making a basket. He would say he wasn't good at it and get so sad.  But, no matter where he was in his emotional state he would always make his way back to the group cheer. "I love Itty Bitty Ball!"

Love going on adventures with them. They're at such a great age!!
Bridal Veil on scooter. 
Two from Small Fry stuff that I love...