Easter Sunday! Breakfast at Cracker Barrel -- are you seeing a theme? Simplify simplify simplify. We ate out for any meal that would typically cause stress, need time, or money. Maybe next year right?

Spring Break to see my dad and brother in Arizona!

Butterfly conservatory-- so cool!

I hadn't seen my dad in 4 years so it was a lot of fun to spend so much time with him! My kids took real fast and made themselves right at home. They love Chad's kids so much too we always love having time with their cousins! Each of those kids is so great and fun in different ways for each of my kids! Loved it all!

Hayes did tile for a few hours with Russ. Love him!

 I went to Whistler for work!


Hayes started baseball big time - he did a tryout only competitive team which I was so nervous about but he worked so hard! His coach said he improved more than anyone else on the team which made me so happy. He also played on a rec league and had a blast with that!

My friend Kim got us these tickets 8+ months ago. It felt like it would never come but it was worth the wait!! SO good. 

Russ took Cal with him to California to get his teeth finished off from Invisalign with Jimmy and also to pick up our front door! Cal felt so special to be invited just the two of them! He forgot Cal's luggage but otherwise good times!

 Raleigh smelling the roses // The boys starting the first of many themed days for the end of the year. End of year burn out is real but we made it out alive!

 Mother's Day in Manti to see my mom. We ate a diner. HA!

Cal's graduation day!

Fruits of their California trip -- Russ' awesome teeth and our awesome front door!

Thanks to baseball, travel, Bijou, the house, end of year shenanigans, SPRING 2018 was nuts. 
Hopefully my next update will include living in our new house!!!


This Winter was very gratefully SO MILD. I can count on one hand how many times it snowed and it was crazy warm a lot of the days. This photo was from December 29th, scout's honor! It was great for Russ because he could've very easily lost days due to snow closures in the canyon, or just plain bad weather. He had none of that. We were blessed for sure!

Always do a  few indoor swimming days during Christmas break:
On our way to church > that a way:

Indoor fun like art galleries, sarcasm, but we do our best. // Cal helping dad with the sheetrock. Getting the sheetrock hung was I think the worst part for Russ. Or maybe the tile.

It was seeing him on this precarious precipice that nearly did me in. Gladly he told me after he was done that he had couple very close calls on that thing. I guess I'd rather not know. But glad he's still alive. Oof. // A look at the structural beam work that we ended up hiding. I love his angle of the house. So cool.

One of the only snow days! //I don't have any photos of my birthday but my friends were the nicest and got me a weighted blanket (at my request) so good for anxiety!!
 Live for this one!

 August's baptism // Raleigh at Cal's class - I was the Art Mom for Cal and read to Hayes' class once a month. The day they aren't stoked out of their minds that their mom is in the classroom is going to be a sad day. They're sure proud now, and I love it!

 Valentine's day! The boys art directed their boxes and I just did what I was told! Cal was very specific about a plain black box with a heart opening.  Hayes wanted a race track that the valentine could go into the slot. Done and done! They don't realize I literally do this for a living, but hey!

A couple randoms. 

 Raleigh went through a mad phase of rubbing food in his hair and it was so freaking annoying. He had to rock this for a while during meals!

WINTER 2018 - over and out!