let's talk about blik. baby.

i am in love times 3 with blik.

the pics below should explain why...


these lovebirds will be all over the nursery. in 2k9.

look smart without paying out the wazoo for books. so genius.


this chandelier decal is killer. i'm not a fan of the light fixtures in the way though.

you can submit poems, quotes, lyrics and they will send you a whole wall decal.

i want to order the lyrics to our favorite love song.

go here for more.


Andrew & Jenna said...

i figured you were there-andrew saw russ last time i think? it was great. i liked their show better in cleveland, a little more intimate. but still nonetheless amazing. how are you?

Brack & Mand said...

Emily, I hope your anniversary celebration was amazing. I have tagged you, check my blog for details, and respond if desired. Thanks!

Ash said...

haha I almost have bought those birds and the chandaleirs on like 4 different occasions. I just dont have anywhere to put them yet.... thats great though. Great minds decorate a like I guess...

kim brimhall said...

i love that you had this on your blog. i own a decal machine(vinyl lettering) and im am always looking for ways to use it. Now i have an awesome one! thanks so much!

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