ain't happy feelin' glad got sunshine in a bag

i like big bags and i cannot lie, most of my bags could double as a airplane carry-on but i like it like that. plus they make you look skinnier. i'm sure of it.

i don't know how people with small hand bags do it.

so, to put all the nay-sayers at ease, here is what i put in my huge bag. these are the essentials.

1. notebook/planner. {i will never be that girl who has a backpack on, and then a purse on her arm too... very typical of UVSC. it reminds me of dennis on university avenue.}

2. lincoln park after dark. {i have 30 different colors, but i always use this one.}

3. little notebook {i'm always flooded with stupid ideas, so i jot/sketch them down for later.}

4. camera battery charger. {its the blogger's curse.}

5. to-do lists.

6. assigned reading. {not that i really read it, but, if i got stuck in an elevator at least i'd have something to do. although, i'd probably play tetris on my phone first.}

7. burts bees wax.

8. bobbi brown lip gloss.

9. bare escentuals big tease mascara. if you're sick of maybelline, might i suggest this.

10. duwop blush/bronzer combo. {i haven't been tanning since '04, gotta do something}

11. pocket dictionary {i hate hearing words i don't know/and i'll read it just cause... favorite word of the week: "akimbo"

12. cigarette case for my virgina slims. ha not really. {coupons, gift cards, take-out stamp cards}

13. iPod {the most essential. music is sort of my life. i downloaded the scriptures onto mine, and that has made all the difference... download for free here.

17. flosser sticks.

14. a bag of almonds. {any kartchner's will appreciate this. i have hypoglycemia: aka, i turn into a grumpy biatch when i don't eat for awhile. so my mom always said "take a bag of almonds with you"... look mom, i DO listen!!

so, what's in your bag? don't make me tag you!


Ma said...

Here here to number 14!

Kayla said...

ha ha! ok so it is going to be really easy for you to convert to diaper bag:)

Sugar Bean said...

I miss you too! I think you should move to the 32779 zip! What do ya think?

Karli Elaine Haglund said...

I love you and I got a new phone so I dont have your number. You know you're still my numba one boo. sheeeeet girl. 8016918754

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