the list

i learned this from my little brother casey. every year he makes a poster-size christmas list with pictures, small paragraphs written about each item and back-up plans in case my mom won't buy call of duty 4.

so here is my list.
bumble and bumble hair powder. this is genius. personal hygeine is lose-lose for me in the winter. if i wash my hair, i have to either blow-dry it (damage/static-y) or i wear it wet and it grows ice crystals. this eliminates the need to wet your hair at all. brown please!

this is the only thing i'd be sad if i didn't get. if you see russ, i'd appreciate if you'd remind him of this fact.

we have bbc's planet earth. this is the aquatic version. it is the most spectacular display of cinematography and God's green earth i ever saw.

hunter wellies. i don't know why i need these but i do. they come in array of colors but how cute are pumpkin and aubergine?

banana republic never ceases to intrigue me. the gold pearls are perfect, and the snake skin satchel is ka-killer.


collin said...

casey also puts the price list and links to several different sites for easy St. Nicholi purchasing.

He's so far ahead of his time.

amanda said...

I felt the same way about Wellies. I wanted a pair, but I wasn't sure why or if I would ever use them. Until one day, I was at an outdoor concert standing in a puddle when it hit me... I still don't have a pair, but you should definitely get them!

Shanna & Brad said...

Emily Kartchner!! How are you girl? I'm pretty sure the last time I saw you we played house...
As for myself, I still live in Gilbert haha I guess nothings changed too drastically for me.

And yes Bee and Alex are getting married! Isn't that just the cutest, next-door neighbors getting married? I love it.

Brooke and Shawn... said...

I love your style- hey help me out- I can't firgure out how I know the song on your playlist sunny road so well. It brings back some memory, but I can't figure out what!

amanda said...

Totally kosher! Is it weird that I'm anticipating your next post? No pressure!

linds jo said...

this is my comming out party. i always look at your cute page and now its time to actually admit it not only to myself but to you as well!!! this is lindsay from the gap- and i love this idea for christmas!!! all your post are so funny. we are lindspete.blogspot

nicole carman photography said...

did you get your wellies? if so, report back to me...

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