sometimes i miss you...

when i see your always-stellar-advertising

but then i remember:
how mean your christmas shoppers are
that you open at 7 am and close at midnight
your clothing displays look like someone puked rainbow
i'd have to clean up rainbow puke
that i have to hear the same christmas songs for 2 months
i'd have to count 26,458 dollar bills every night
i spend measly pay-checks on sweaters that will only ball up in the arm pits, itch me and be thrown away january 3rd
i would have to work black friday, christmas eve and january 2nd (scramble-to-return crappy-gifts-day)
i hate the holidays when i work retail...

wait for it...

alrighty, i'm okay with just admiring your advertising
can we still be friends gap inc?


Kayla said...

you are funny.

Andrew & Jenna said...

this just got me all geared up for the retail season at nordstrom-i had forgotten how much i dread it.

Kent and Leisy said...

oh, em! you do miss me though don't you?? maybe the gap didn't offer too much with their hours, clothes, and mean nasty customers, but what about the employees?? there were some good times with some really good (and really stupid) people!

{emily + russ} said...

leisy is right. there are people who you can laugh with during work, or just laugh at, and they're equally as worth it..

dave veit anyone?

Matt Clayton said...

Listen to your heart...I know you miss it.

amanda said...

I completely understand! I still can't listen to a couple of Christmas songs because I heard them one too many times. Hi, by the way!

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