it's ludicrous-mas

every christmas russ' boss takes us under his wing and shows us what people with a lot of money do for fun.

1. tepanyaki. boss told me i needed to order chicken, shrimp, filet mignon and noodle. alrighty, you're the boss applesauce!

{russ and i notice that everytime we eat the yaki our faces get swollen... why is that?}

    2. the mall. boss gives us about 13 of those mall gift certificates and says we have one hour to spend it all and then he's taking them back. seriously boss? anyone who knows your truly would know how sta-stoked i was. 

we ended up finishing up all our christmas shopping and treating russ to 3 new pairs of shoes, and i exerted the spirit of giving because i didn't buy anything for myself. thank you very much.

note to self: don't wear 4" heels next year.

 3. cinema. i am legend. i was one of three other girls there, and they were the other wives we were with. it should have been called "i am unnecessarily scary" i ate swedish fish under my jacket for a good portion. it was perdy good though.
 to muffin: thanks for working for such a generous boss.
 to boss: we love, love, loved every second! thanks again!


{emily + russ} said...
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Adam said...

Oh Aunt Emily. Do I have to explain everything to you?

The salt in the food is aborbed in your blood stream and it expands causing you to look pregnant.

Do I get another cousin soon?

Shanna & Brad said...

Okay so I have so many things to tell/ask you:

1. You and your husband are a couple of cutie-pies!
2. Why are you moving to Wisconsin? And what will you be doing there? That is very exciting! And good luck with the house plans.
3. Yes, Thailand and surrounding countries. We're stoked.
4. Do you ever come to AZ still? I'm guessing not.
and lastly...
5. Next time I come to Provo I want to take you out on a blind date! (At least I think it would be considered a blind date cus we haven't known eachother since pre-school)

{emily + russ} said...

to adam:

although i don't doubt that you, a 4 year old, can type on a computer i would like this commenter to fess up.

to shanna:

1. thank you. i feel the same about you.
2. russ has family there, lots of medical schools ( i guess its better if you're a resident), build a dream house, get out of utah, blahblah,
3. how much do tickets to thailand run a gal?
4. i haven't been to gilbert in years, i love it there though, i would live there in a heartbeat.
5. its a date! did you know that your little sister is going to live with one of my really good friends, nicole? so if you ever visit stacie, i am seriously a call away!

Jenny said...

Yes! Thank you, Its the salt in the food. I get puffy too and no one believes me.

Fullmer Family said...

How fun! Who doesn't love a shopping spree?! What a nice boss

Andrew & Jenna said...

this is a dream come true.

Sugar Bean said...

Is he hiring? I need a job like that!

cbass said...

and a big Gratzi! to your boss for the "very very inexpensive" tile.

belekartcher said...

lucky. i wish i had free money to spend.

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