the royal tennenbaum

christmas tree [x]
russ eats a few needles to prove his love for the douglas fir [x]
secure bundle of joy to car roof [x]
drive home singing along to the merry mixed tape listed below [x]

finals kicking our trash [x]
get tree all gussied up [x]

blow sorry imitation out [x]
alright now for the real reason i was posting...

the masterpiece christmas mix. it is the best of the best and this will make your christmas boots scoot and boogie.

1. o holy night {n*sync} or {josh groban} or {both}
2. breath of heaven {amy grant}
3. where are you christmas? {faith hill}
4. little drummer boy {bob seger}
5. white christmas {the flaming lips}
6. have yourself a merry little christmas {coldplay}
7. carol of the bells {london symphony orchestra remixed by starchild} YOU MUST GET THE REMIXED VERSION.
8. silent night {il divo}
9. christmas song {dave matthews}
10. christmas time is here {the cardigans}
11. just for now {imogen heap}
12. o come emmanuelle {belle + sebastian}
13. happy christmas (war is over) {sense field}

you'll thank me later.


Fullmer Family said...

Okay, i know that i don't know you in person but... i am totally putting you on my blogger list! I hope thats not weird???
Likin' the xmas tracks! Lets hope they get my boots scootin!

{emily + russ} said...

haha, not weird. i put you on mine too :)

charity said...


cute tree lil sis! can you make me a copy of your merry mix?


Brooke and Shawn... said...

It wouldn't be Christmas without Amy Grant- that was my childhood!

Andrew & Jenna said...

i hope you know about whiskeymilitia.com. i can't live without it and i'm sure you already knew about it-you are so ahead of the times.

Kent and Leisy said...

this goes back a post, but hip hip hooray for venturing this side of the mississippi! you will love it. I miss family and some of my favorite things from home but it is so great out here! I had no idea russ was going the med school route! that's so exciting. really though, you'll love minnesota! i have definitely picked up a little Ohio/michigan twang already. so different and such an adventure :)

Anonymous said...

This playlist certainly puts the others I've seen to shame. I was thrilled to see that you didn't include Mariah Carey. Way to go skater.

Kit Kartchner said...

Hey there my sweet. . .How about burning one for me? I'll provide the blank CD. . I want one! Love, Mom

Someone In Mind said...

Wow, we have a lot of the same songs on our list!!!

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