thanks mo

we all know and love ms. lhuillier as a genius wedding dress designer among other things. after touring her house, i think she should switch to interiors--

i love the zebra accents, the fresh flowers and the gray color palette.

how stunning is this outdoor pergola? now all you need is a fan-boy/grape feeder

monique lhuillier, her husband bugbee (you read it right) and little sprout- jack nicholas


Sandra said...

LOL- I knew you would :)

matt + lindy said...

I love her. I almost bought one of her wedding dresses but decided on Melissa Sweet. I love the kitchen!

Kimberly Ngarupe said...

i told you i can't help it! i don't know why i'm so into it but i have the entire album now due to that one song. davis is super pumped on it as well so i guess it just gets a lot of airtime when were together.

charity said...

are you loving the thoughts of building your own home and decorating it. i'm pretty green with envy right about now.

that and your wit. man. i should have stood in that line in heaven.

elizabeth said...

i love the zebra accents too!

avery is saying "Em" when I show her your pic on the blog!!

love you auntie em!
:* Avery

amanda said...

Her home is beautiful! I love the gray, too. I've been mentally designing a room in my future home for awhile now with light gray walls. Nope, I don't have the house picked out (or the need for one just yet) but the room is coming together nicely!

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