double deuce

'tis true. today is my burfday..

but you already knew that because i have the most amazing family and friends and they shout it from the rooftops. i don't know what i would do without all of you!

this will probably be the 1st of a few birthday related posts, but i had to share (still be my friend lindsay?) this hee-larious pics from my friendly birthday dinner + movie.

another successful birthday dinner thrown by the best friend a girl could ask for, dana lynne dastrup. she's thrown all my parties since 2002. love you dane.

then to the movies... dana and i tried really hard to blow cool bubbles for a picture, but it wasn't happening. bubbalicious has gone downhill.

i am sorry lindsay, i know you threatened friendship termination if i posted the following pictures, but i can't help myself.

we couldn't seem to get everyone in the shot...

i was laughing uncontrollably, and then started choking on my gum, which is why i am no longer in the shot.

thank you dana for planning and treating me to a stellar night, thank you everyone who came and made me feel like a natural woman. i love you all!

being double deuce is already incredible!


Dana Dastrup said...

Yikes I don't know about these pictures, but I am glad that you had a fun birthday party!! Wow I hope that you don't get sick of me doing them... sorry you probably are, but I still love you too death & I am sorry my post brought you to tears! I love you and I hope you are the greatest friend I could ever ask for! Friends for life babe!! Love you!

elizabeth said...

Looks like you had fun with the friendlies!

Happy Birthday!

Love ya!

Kirsten Sue said...

Happy birthday! I am glad you had a good day. Aren't you glad we are still young and can enjoy birthdays? They are the best.

Shanna said...

Happy Birthday!!! I will be in Provo in two weeks if you would like to take our internet relationship to the next level. I'm staying at your bf's house.

The Hansens said...

oh my gosh, looking at these photos I seriously want to cry. I love my buddies SO MUCH and miss you all more than you know. I want to have a good night of laughter with you all... if only I was in ptown.
oh ya, Happy Birthday. Hope it was awesome-
missing you!
jajabababboom ahh

The Hansens said...

oh ya I am laughing out loud at that picture of lindsay. SEXY. WHOOT WHOOT.
seriously peeing my pants right now.

Matt Clayton said...


Lindsay said...

Yet again, Oh how I wish I were there! Happy double deuce! Now lets hit up The Big Apple!

Lindsay Ross said...

ok i guess we can still be friends but seriously.... i mean i dont even know what to say about myself in these pictures at least im already married and these cant be used against me

Kayla R. said...

ha ha!!! love them

Fullmer Family said...

Happy Birthday!

Karli Elaine Haglund said...

Happy Birthday, Shorty!!! You know you're my boo!!

Stacey Sargent said...

Happy Birthday Em!

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