um, thanks?

after russ and i saw i am legend all he could talk about what getting a gun. i humored him, because we've been working on our food storage/personal preparedness etc...
but then he saw i am legend again with my brother collin-- that's all either of them would talk about.
so my birthday rolls around last month and russ presents me with a long skinny box.

-long stem roses? nope.
-thigh high boots? nada.
-tall shiny black shotgun? bingo.

shouldn't i be wearing a bar-girl dress and holding a pint of whiskey?

i wonder who this gift was really for?


elizabeth said...

Haha! You look awesome behind that black beauty! :)

My birthday's in about 3 months but I doubt Collin can wait that long to justify buying it for my birthday!

alyson. said...

love it.

and love that yellow top!

thanks for stopping by, I love finding new blogs. :)

Lindsay said...

Sounds like something Noah would do. We've got a plethora of guns under our bed, don't tell Wyatt.

Kayla R. said...

ok that is awesome, tyler would love to get me a gun!!!!

Jene and Megan said...

That's so funny! My husband is always bugging me about getting a gun..in fact on Christmas Eve Day he took me out and we shot mistletoe out of the trees with his dad's gun. Good times..

Oh p.s. why are you and russ moving to Wisconsin?

{emily + russ} said...

we're moving because we have land there, russ will hopefully get into a med school there, and we're both ready for an adventure, but not the "lets have kids adventure"

Danny and Shalayne said...

Em...I love it! I can so see this happening to me! Danny is a "hunter-gather" type (that's what I've coined anyone who owns a gun and likes/semi-likes to hunt). The pictures are hillarious...you are Provo's own Annie Oakley!

kara jo haught said...

That i sounds like my Valentine's day last year... only mine was a 9mm. Oh so romantic!

The Moody Tree said...

are you serious, is it real? that's the funniest thing. so maybe you need to be getting him those boots or long stem roses you wanted for his b-day.

CHUNTZ said...

Love the yellow sweater....meant to tell you the other day in class...PS yes Im such a slacker and totally overslept this Thursday, naughty I know and good news I found my notebook! Boo yeah!

Brooke and Shawn... said...

I've done this to Shawn before- gotten him a gift that was kinda for me. If it's any consolation, I felt bad later!

charity said...

I can do anything better than you can, I can do anything better than you...

Sing along, Em!

I can shoot a partridge
With a single cartridge.
I can get a sparrow
With a bow and arrow.

Any note you can reach
I can go higher.
I can sing anything
Higher than you.

Anything you can buy
I can buy cheaper.
I can buy anything
Cheaper than you.

I can drink my liquor
Faster than a flicker.
I can drink it quicker
And get even sicker!

Anything you can wear
I can wear better.
In what you wear
I'd look better than you.

Anything you say
I can say faster.
I can say anything
Faster than you.

I can jump a hurdle.
I can wear a girdle.
I can knit a sweater.
I can fill it better!
I can do most anything!

Anything you can sing
I can sing sweeter.
I can sing anything
Sweeter than you.

The Queen said...

Thanks for the laugh!

amanda said...

ahaha. I LOVE this, and the photos are great!

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