hoppy easter

contrary to popular belief i am not 100% jaded yet. (maybe 68%) i can still enjoy commercialized holidays, especially Easter. i love what Easter represents and all the silly things you do to celebrate it.

1. give something up for LENT.

russ was going to give up solid foods and do the master cleanse
but alas, it only lasted about 4 hours. the concoction is actually really good, avery agrees.
i love her sour face!

i gave up road rage//which also means i can no longer swear while driving. wish me luck.

2. sunday best

we all know i don't need an excuse to shop, but russ does. this weekend we're getting him a new suit (and me a new dress.)

3. the hunt

i did my share of hiding eggs for my co-workers kiddies this week. which also means i did my share of eating the candy this week as well.

4. spring cleaning//spring eating

gotta de-junk (like 6 bags full)
gotta partake of the amazing spring produce!!

5. the basket

what do you get for the man who doesn't eat sweets? this shirt. unfortunately, russ invented music snobbery.


Logan said...

I should give up road rage as well... but I think it would be too hard for me!

Dana Dastrup said...

yeah that swearing thing in the car needs to stop.. wait I havent heard it there yet.

elizabeth said...

Yes!! Let's go Easter dress shopping-Avery needs one too!

Matt Clayton said...

That shirt is sa-weet!

charity said...

ha ha! i love it. I wish i still had the pics we took of avery's sour face at that sandwich place by the mac store...priceless. The best part is that she kept going for more.

Bre said...

This is very nice haha but i am doing really good how are you doing???

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