it's my lucky day

first this:

then this:

but then this happened and it was all okay:

(where was everyone else? lindybakercakes, lindsay "big mama" ross, lindsay "booger hair" dickinson and jenny muddypuddles were there also. i'd photoshop you in but don't make me dislike blogging more than i already do.)

i've gotten some good advice on how to get out of jury duty, but the best by far was from my mum.

"if you say you hate ____ (fill in the blank race) people maybe they won't want you."

thanks mum. you're a hoot.
if you have some advice i can actually use let it be known.


Anonymous said...

I don't know what you drive, but there doesn't seem to be any damage to it. So one can only conclude that you dislike the make and model of the car or the sticker choice. Assuming it is the sticker choice, I agree.

I miss you, and I am starting a blog just for you.


|emily| said...

bingo sarah. bingo. the flip flop and stick figure families are my two least favorite ways to decorate a car. start that blog baby!

Kirsten Sue said...

I totally got out of Jury Duty last month. I got all kinds of advice as well. What I did was postpone it for 90 days. So I'll get called again in June but I'll be living in Utah by then so I don't have to go. I also called them up and told them I was a student and they said they could postpone it till my next break. My idea of Spring and Summer break doesn't exactly include jury duty though. You can also play the racist card. I've never actually heard of that working for anyone though. Good Luck!

Lindsay said...

Ahh... Dinner with friends, I wonder what that feels like??

I miss you guys so freakin much. when are we going on a girls trip?

Dennis & Jenna said...

I have the helen ficalora necklace. I think it is that one. I pry didn't spell it write but just google it. I was looking at your blog! Sorry you don't know me!

{lindy baker cakes} said...

yes...you are right, i was there and i want to be photoshopped in. now.

James & Lindsey said...

The sticker on cars.. so lame. I saw one that was in color!

Lindsay said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lindsay said...

Thanks for the nickname. You make me laugh. I make good first impressions.

charity said...

the best is the sticker cars in so cal. they are all labeled: "jose" jose jr." "jr" "gordo" "maria" "juancito" "pepe" etc.

Lindsay Ross said...

wait why am i called BIG mama!!!!!

Lindsay Ross said...

oh i need to say one more thing... I saw those horrible stickers on a mini van the other day and it had a stork with a little baby in a blanket flying above the family... REDICULOUS!

The Moody Tree said...

so my mom got called to jury duty, and in one of the questions it asked if we owned a horse, which we did at the time. and they let her off. she didn't have to do it. maybe it had something to do with hay-poisoning? your mom's advice was perfect!

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