worth its weight in gold

i think my workplace is a cesspool of bacteria. i drank out of someone's water cup and BAM. sick. admittedly, i was sort of excited to stay in bed and catch up on all the movies i've missed-- so russ went and rented these for me:

but then i started taking this, and BAM cold is gone. i am disappointed.
but, if you need something of a miracle to knock your cold out, go buy this at Good Earth. or just read what this little bottle of love contains here.

don't feel too bad for me, we watched 3 of the 4.

01. no country for old men. {russ' new favorite movie, i was scared to death of javier bardem.}
02. dan in real life {i liked it. i loved hearing sondre lerche's soundtrack, made me think of kim.}
03. august rush {meh.}