ghost of weekend past

russ had his first double-header baseball game this saturday...
he played 7 hours of baseball in 80 degree heat, and i simply ate seeds and watched.
so tell me, why do i look equally tired?

we spent most of the weekend with this little guy, who didn't help with the issue in my previous post. there isn't a happier baby anywhere. maybe with the exception of Riley....
we also downed two full watermelons in 2 days.

sunburn [x]
sunflower seeds [x]
baseball [x]
watermelon [x]
bbq [x]
CONCLUSION: summer is here suckers. are you stoked as i am?


Kayla R. said...

gotta love b*ball:) and watermellon yum

journeytojohanssontown said...

That baby looks is a clone, if he had hair like Milo it would be a dead ringer.

Coby said...

Summer = best season

Hey Ho Its Ashleigh Noel said...

It was 100 on friday.
Short, capped ( dangit) sleeve shirts, and shades are out.

Logan said...

I totally got a sunburn on the insides of my elbows from mine and Dave's bike ride on Sunday. Ouch! But I'm still loving it.

Lindsay said...

Riley says thanks for the shout out. She loves you too!

Heather said...

That watermelon looks amazing! And YES, I am soooo excited that summer is HERE!

jenny said...

i'm sure the weather today begs to differ with your summertime has come theory.

it's quite disgusting. forecasted snow in late may?! gross.

i'm doing well. just flight attending right now.

you're not at the gap anymore, or are you?

wisconsin? i have some friends in milwaukee, but have yet to go. how soon?

James & Lindsey said...

That watermelon looks so amazingly good!

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