comma do i?

i'm surprised i am blogging about this trip, seeing as how
i wasn't planning on telling my own mother.

either way, we went to wendover.

stopped in the salt flats.

and surprise surprise, they are salty.

we took pictures by that weird tree statue. this was the only one that
didn't have Russ mooning you in the background.

i know, you're welcome.

we hit the tables. some harder than others.
let's just say i am the only one who came out on top.
but i was betting nickels on video blackjack.

they wish they were God's Pottery.

we wish our husbands didn't spend all our money.

i wish i wasn't the only one letting my gut hang out in this picture.


Steve at the Rainbow said...

You're welcome for those free buffets. I'm going to go smoke my crack pipe now.

meagan cohoon said...

gotta love wendover! P.s. love love love the classic music on your blog, billie, louis etc... :)

Lindsay said...

I am laughing out loud, em you are hilarious, and I love you for it! I miss you too when are you and muffin coming for a visit?

Hey Ho Its Ashleigh Noel said...

ha. God's pottery. I take it you watch that show- they were pretty funny- at times....
as to the pot on my head.... a hat. but yes, it does mistake for a pot in shadow. Might wanna get rid of that one ehh?

charity said...

wendover? really?
:) he he, i love you!

Brooke said...

Your faces are classic- love it!

Candy said...

hahahah I love your last picture and the comment that you have underneath it. That's why I love your blog. Because you just say it how you feel think it is. hilarious

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