november is for baby-making

apparently november is a popular month to knock boots for my family,
because july is stacked with birthdays! here's two for your viewing pleasure.

01. the dinosaur museum for adam's 5th birthday.

adam is so ridiculously smart.
he was telling me all about the triassic period and the
carnivorous eating habits of a pachycephalosaurus.
meanwhile brinly was obsessing over her stamp.

just working on the infrastructure of this sand pile, making sure the erosion won't wipe out all vegetation as we know it.
if my kids are one-tenth as smart as adam, i will be satisfied.


my brother chad got accepted to Northwestern for a master's program and they move to Chicago at the beginning of August. i am such a wreck about it, i will miss them all so much!

02. P.G. pool for collin's 28th.

russ drenched the poor lifeguard so much she quit... or maybe they just rotated.

if this picture had sound it would say "mmm, nummy ham!"
translation "this is a good snowie huh em"

liz got it spot-on when she said
"God was in a great mood when He made Collin"


collin said...

Wow, thanks Pollito! You're a great sis and aunt.

charity said...

when i first read the title to this post i thought, "is she making an announcement?" and then i thought, "but it's only august" and then i thought, "pretty sure that sand pile is a bonafide volcano."

love you em! thanks for helping me entertain the youngsters!

¡emily frame! said...

if you think for one second that you would ever find out anything significant about me on my blog you are loco.

Kirsten Sue said...

Yea I do! Did you see me there?

jenna marie said...

um im with charity i thought i was going to find out news. ugh i'm just holding out. our italian spawn will be the love of yours and russ's life i'm pretty sure of it. tell russ we just won a wii. great.

Dana Dastrup said...

Em it looks like you have been. Having so much fun with the little ones! They are adorable!! You look beautiful in all the pics!

Kit said...

P.S. emily. . .where in the world do you get YOUR wisecracks? You have more off the wall expressions than anyone I know>>>>>

"knock boots"???? Have I been living on another planet? Or just in the ancient generation? Or did you make that one up??

(Bethany keeps my wardrobe from being too dated...please help me out with the language in my verbal "wardrobe!")

charity said...

haha. oh, remember when you were going to teach me how to get that letter icon in place of the blogger icon?

CHUNTZ said...

Love the pic of you on the porch....miss your effing face!

Lindsay said...

I'm guessing what you really meant is that you'll be making a baby in November too? Just a guess though?

Miss Candy Anderson said...

those are really cool pictures of you and your brother.

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