pip + pop

on July 3rd, 1958 Earl and Meriel Monical were married.
we drove up to Montpelier Idaho to help them celebrate.

let me first mention that i took my dad's nikon D60 with us...
wow. i am a believer.

this is Meriel aka "Pip".
i have never met a more sincere, genuine, kind person on this earth.
to top it off she can't go to a restaurant without lifting some rolls, butter, jelly packets, or taking the kale leaf garnish in a to-go box.

this is Earl aka "Pop"
smart, funny and calls the runs "the hersheys"
he also thinks Russ is the funniest schmo that ever lived.

this is russ and his uncle karl.

and this sassy-pants is McKenzie Rae, my sister-in-law.

we had such a relaxing time with them, got bear lake raspberry shakes,
and ate at Montpelier's finest diner.

Happy Anniversary Pip + Pop!


elizabeth said...

mckenzie is so big!!

love the pics and i'm glad you enjoyed your little trip and the nikon:)!

Candy said...

HOLLLLY cow! McKenzie is SOOO big! And look how blonde her hair is. She's sooo cute! I LOVE Russ' grandparents. They would always come over all the time and they were so sweet and kind!

journeytojohanssontown said...

I love there names I want to be called pip when I am a grandma. Love it!

Hayley said...

My MOM takes the jelly packets!! She used to give them to us when she got back off of vacation... We LOVED it as kids. I think it's the whole 'miniature' thing that got us excited.

Anyway, email me at hayley9@gmail or leave me a comment with your email address. I have your picture from Nicole's wedding to send to you...

David & Erin said...

Hey Emily, were/are you guys in the Provo Peak Sixth Ward? We were just until May...my man David graduated from the B to the Y to the U. Funny thing, I knew your name but couldn't put a face to it...I followed your comment from The Coterie here just out of curiosity. It might kill a cat, but it's good for me.

And hey, thanks for having a gettable-to-it blog. It made me laugh. Several times. Your writing rocks--that comes from a writer/editor--my favorite was your line about punching someone in the neck if they kyped your special pictures of you.

Man, I need to learn from your blog! I am still new and can't do cool things like change the "comments" form to "wisecracks." THAT is great. Keep it up.

Kayla R. said...

cute pics Em!!we might be going to Bear lake i am stoked

David said...

Hi Emily,

I'm a geek. I just figured it out. I knew I knew your face and name, but I couldn't figure it out. I used to work at that little company you work for--you work with the welcome team. I worked waaaay over by the window. Anyway, I don't know you from a ward or anywhere else, and no wonder I could recognize your elements of style easily...cause you do have that.

Embarassing...well, now I know. And knowing is half the battle.

David said...

Man, three times. This is Erin of David & Erin again. I posted under two different names.

Awkward online...better than awkward in person!

Kit said...

Your photos are really, really good, Em....

McKenzie is looking 13 already...and so pretty.
Will you teach me how to blog? Yours is so fun to read because you are as funny of a schmiss as Russ is a Schmo. (If there were such a thing as a female Schmo/
I image it would be a schmiss).

Love you! Mom

¡emily frame! said...

hey erin! yeah i remember you, i tried to leave you a commment but all your blogs blocked me out, how are things?

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