oh boy. my little sister is legal. guys everywhere are yelling "dibs."

can you blame them?

there are few piles of clothes i will dig through, and B's laundry is one of them.

i found myself giving her a serious talk about how the next few years of her life are the most important, and how the decisions she'll make will change the rest of her life.
but to be honest, she's always made really good choices, she's grown into a woman without having to ask how, she figures things out on her own, and maintains the maturity of a classy broad much older than her short 18 years.

and believe it or not, she is more beautiful inside then out.

happy birthday bethany. i hold you in the highest regards, and am lucky to be your sister.
wrapper... food wrapper!


Kayla R. said...

HOW CUTE!!! what beautiful sisters:) happy B-day*

charity said...

ah hahah aha hhha...i love that pic of the laundry room.

bk, tu eres de best! love you

Trent & Emily Davies said...

Saw this and thought of you....


Jam Rob said...

ryan called dibs

belekartcher said...

em i love you! this is such a sweet post :)

don't be alarmed.. i am fine.

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