excuses, excuses

this is embarrassing.

russ and i have never had dining table chairs. ever.
we have bar stools (2 of them) and so concludes our chair collection.
this makes entertaining hard, so we don't.
unless we know you love us and don't care.
but we care. i don't want you sitting on the ground, it's not chic, it's not asian fusion, it's lame.

so, for the last three years we've been invited to many of your lovely homes, we've sat on many a dining room chair and had a great time. but we haven't reciprocated the invitation.

so the list of people we owe lovely dinners with seating included is mighty long now.
starting back in 2005 with the ever-so-patient Brooke + Shawn.

the main problem was that i was DYING for clear acrylic chairs but couldn't justify the price even if they are studly. so i put it off and put it off hoping one day they would have a "free for anyone named emily frame" sign on them.

no more excuses!

we went to a quaint (read: trashy) little consignment store and picked up 4 for $40.00
russ is the master at haggling and knocked them down from $60.00 each.

then last night, i come home after a long day at work, a night class, and a killer swim session at the gym, and beheld this:

i've learned not to have high expectations for russ, he consistently exceeds them.

Brooke + Shawn COME ON DOWN! cause we finally have somewhere for you to sit.


Kirsten Sue said...

I am honestly amazed. WOW. They look great. He should start a business.

meagan cohoon said...

Um where is this consignment shop? I thought there were none around here.

Lindsay said...

Tell muffin he's got some mad talent, and we need his talent here in Florida!

Brooke said...

How did you know I needed a little pick me up! You're a babe! You name the day and we are there... what about next weekend?

Cgailio said...

Ugh.. I LOVE them. well done! And Im still waiting by the mail box day and night for my invite to the ol' Frameski place..


The Wiseman Life said...

Wow...K I can't even get Kris to paint our front door and Russ did that? They are AmAzInG!!!!

Hey Ho Its Ashleigh Noel said...

Not bad-
Love the fabric you picked. Of course it fabulous- you picked it.

charity said...

upholstery too! wow, i'm super impressed. Good job R!

journeytojohanssontown said...


jenna marie said...

is muffin serious?! i WOULD DIE. not fair.

Kit said...

These are classy and oh so beautiful, Russ! What a creator.

love it. Love the funky and interesting mix of chair styles, with the fabric to pull it all together, and the black painted finish. Fantastic!

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