in the loop

last weekend my family, like most every other family in the greater utah county area headed up to the alpine loop.

the leaves were just starting to change so if you haven't gone up-- it's not too late.

casey is the worst outdoorsman.

now avery's another story...  she out-hiked us all.

i finally got some good use out of the authentic native footwear.

we like to arrange ourselves for pictures lightest to darkest hair and
 thinnest to thickest eyebrows. it's just easier that way.

love these CHEEKS!

Q wins.

they make cute babies no?

2 bags of yellow cake mix
2 cans of sprite
2 cans of peaches

i love fall.


Logan said...

Dave and I drove up the Alpine Loop on Saturday and went to Cascade Springs to have a picnic for his birthday. It was gorgeous! Last year we went a little late and most of the colors had faded, so I'm glad we caught them at their most vibrant.

The Red Crew said...

For some reason this year i'm dying for utah's fall. Your post made me want the smells, the leaves, all of it. Plus, the family togetherness really made me nostalgic. Anyways, hope you are doing well; and p.s. i just taped that quote from james barrie at the bottom of your blog page onto my fridge today...i guess it made me happy you liked it too!

elizabeth said...

I LOVE that photo of Aunt Bee and Quincey!!

LOL at your comment about the hair color/eyebrows. :)

charity said...

love all these pics. i think i need copies. ah. i can't help that i am a victim of over plucking from the 90s. sad sad sad.

Kit said...

Emily you make me laugh!

We are all blessed for your quirky gift of seeing humor in all of life! Thanks for taking the photos and for being integral to our family . . .love you!

allegra said...

ah, the kartchner clan. love that family full of gorgeous people. you guys are blessed with some superior genes or something.

looks pretty. wish i was in utah now

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