december twenty fourth

 b.k. run for a whop june. we loooovee those things.
 poor little q came down with a fever, but still played baby jesus like a champ.

shepherd avery and her wittle yam
the fam, again minus those in chicago.

be and joe, we like him. if it looks like she's cupping his badankadonk it's because she is.
bethany reading luke 2

last year russ convinced me to open all our gifts at about 11:30 am on christmas eve, this year we showed some restraint and got one early gift... beanies!
my family convinced us that we HAD to sleep in the storage room, "it'll be the best night sleep you ever get-- zero light and it's cold" they said. too bad it was 13 degrees in there, and it was pitch black hence the headlamp. 

avery loo hoo


Kat Clark said...

OK so I normally hate Burger King and all things related however...I must admit that the most prominent and constant craving I have had this pregnancy has been for Whopper Juniors with cheese! Are you kidding me?! Glad I am not the only grotty-o-so out there loving those things.

elizabeth said...

you always describe the Holidays so perfectly!!:)

what a cute post!!!!!!!!!!

cbass said...

that was some fun shiz...

cbass said...

that was some fun shiz...

charity said...

oh man. i love that you two found the headlamp amongst all the food storage and conspiracy proofing. and i love that it was all some doubly fun shiz :) i wuv my family.

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