with great resolve

car-y-oke... get it?

sing it rashelle.

just warming up. "unique new york, unique new york"

after about the 4th song, we noticed all the other party goers had fled for higher ground.
i think chad was contemplating it as well (far right)

on new year's day we went to our friends cabin in park city for a couple days.
it was great to get away and relax... and of course shop the outlets.

what is the appeal exactly?

this was at 3:00 am... i think i have an excuse for my appearance.

and i didn't want to post my resolutions until i was sure i could handle them...
so far so good, i am off sugar and cut most carbs. (psst... its working!)

in 2008 they:

turned 22 and 24 respectively

they spent the longest time apart as marrieds when she went to california for a week without him—and only cried twice.

they took many a day/weekend trip to “get away”

she got a promotion

he vowed to write letter to all the kids he was mean to in high school

she watched square magazine grow and take its place among the best of the best. (Crazy to think that only 3 years before Matt and I were doing visuals at Gap and he said “I think I want to start a magazine” )

he got laid off

he started his own company and taught himself the skills he didn’t know yet, like electrical, plumbing and motorcycle repair.

he got his first car with a heater

they got scootillac and jason (it sounds like a chainsaw)

they spent their precious extra cash on food storage instead of shoes.

they saw each other approximately 2 hours a day

they saw some of the favorite bands play

in 2009 :

she will graduate from college

he will actually enroll and attend college

she will stop eating sugar and cut down on the carbs. Emily “Tubbalard” Frame is so 2008.

she will style her 19th issue of square.

he will continue to run and own his kick-A business and impress her everyday.

they will make new friends and keep the old.

they will do a temple session every month so-help-them.

she will juggle three callings at church with grace and ease.

he plans to stucco their house, build a back porch, and a shed so he can rock out on the drums without her ears bleeding.

they will think about adding a sprout to the mix.


charity said...

i think i'm going to try cutting down on carbs too. sugar & carbs....good idea!

Colett (*.*) said...

You forgot "do your first tri" in 2009! They were from Coal Umbrella. She has them in her store too!

Fullmer Family said...

first i must say that you look super cute as a blonde, love it. And than (random) but when you went to park city, did you go to the jcrew outlet? I am wondering if it is any good...

Jen said...

Hey there, I thought you'd like to see this. I frequent a gossip site called oh no they didn't, and it looks as though an article from your magazine was posted:


Kimberly Ngarupe said...

i would be into seeing bride wars after dinner. i think it looks neurotically funny.

Hey Ho Its Ashleigh Noel said...

graduation... I bet that feels good. sprout=good idea.
you rock friend.

Brooke said...

I'm thinking of applying to the English teaching program. How is at UVU- do you like the stuff you read. I just imagine it being crazy liberal. Maybe it's not. When I took an intro to english majors class a million years ago, it kinda scared me.

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