i'll be holding all the tickets, you'll be owing all the fines

to me:

yes, they are paper chocolates. if you know me you know this is just my style, i love kitschy things, but not actually spending money on kitschy things... the roses are real though, and very beautiful

to him:

i'm a freak for miniature things. i saw this miniature postal service and had to try it out for myself. russ loved it.

mini-cupcakes. brownie and creme brulee.

and after a few "subtle" hints about a pillow case he hated, i made him this to replace it.

i don't think its a secret that i don't cook very often. so, on holidays, i guilt myself into cooking something decent:

goat cheese, prosciutto, arugula and olive pizza. it was the richest thing i've ever eaten.

but he loved it.
so i did too.

p.s. i never. ever. thought i'd be saying this, but after a few requests,
i made a bundle of headbands with my buddy and you can find them here.


Lindsay Ross said...

oh geez sorry for spilling the beans about the bachelor... once i find out when opening day is at Rubios I say we make it an event! I have not had those tacos in almost a year( since the last time we went)

Kellee Marie Cook said...

LOVE the headbands. you are amazing. and the pizza looks amazing and I love the mini postal letter. so much love for this post.

Stacey Sargent said...

you caught the etsy bug. i love it!yours are super cute!

Stacey Sargent said...

ps. im having a love hate relationship with my camera. I am lame when it comes to figuring out how to work the darn thing.

Lindsay said...


Fullmer Family said...

your headbands rock!!! hopefully not as pricey as ban*do? I seriously just need to meet you in person already...

Emma said...

i love love love love love your headbands. i want them all. and i'm plotting a way to get them...

megs said...

ok, im a total blog stalker, and i know its super creepy, but i pretty much am LOVIN everything about your blog. my names megs, and i live in provo too. and i NEED some of your homemade head goodness- how can i get my hands on it! wish i was cute and creative like you! rock on.

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