neon + nautical

you know the age-old advice "don't go to the grocery store on an empty stomach"

same goes for clothes shopping when you're so freaking excited it's warm and sunny you can't stop smiling and chuckling to yourself.

i was suppose to go to school, but i pulled a ferris and went shopping...
apparently i needed something bright.

old navy $7.50 each

pacific sunwear 2 for $25.00

f21-- $12.50 || old navy $35.00

i am feeling euphoric. things just keep making me smile today like:

*ken jennings blog- he's so funny! a breath of fresh air from blogs that make you feel dumber after reading them.
*the best cover ever

why did no one tell me about starlight mints or greg laswell?
you need to hear "bandit" and "it comes and goes in waves"
that's all for today.