on the horizon

in the midst of the snow {gosh march make up your mind!} i can't help but anticipate things to come this week...

*the new decemberists album is out tomorrow
*culture club's going to see the praised foreign film "Ushpizin" we'll see if two hours of hebrew makes me feel cultured or not.
*spring into this! on thursday. UPDATE: Your Heart Out featured the event here.
*i'm going with my sisters to see rachael yamagata and greg laswell at the avalon on saturday.
*my coughcold will most certainly be gone--two weeks is plenty i think.

*i don't know when to anticipate this movie's release, but i am really excited for it:


Joanna Goddard said...

thank you so much for the really lovely note. and this movie looks so great!

nichole said...

my husband tries to find ONE film at sundance every year that will have me laughing (instead of crying)... he did great when he choose 500 days of summer! such a great movie.. the writers and director had a short q&a after- i can see why this movie is so fun!

have you seen it? or just excited?

em ♥ russ said...

just excited! i can't believe you already saw it! do you love or what?

Katie Hatch said...

Hi :) Just got your comment on my MiaMoo Designs blog and I'm not sure what it means? LOL...you said"you've already seen it! Did you love?" Did you mean that comment for me?

Jam Rob said...

we told rachel not to schedule a show the same day as us. freakin backstabber

em ♥ russ said...

i always miss your shows. when's the next?

elizabeth said...

i guess i don't qualify as a sister since i'm not going to the concert!

elizabeth said...

14 boneroonies haha!
no way, you get to meet her too! are you stoked? that's so cool!


em ♥ russ said...

you know i am! i can't even listen to happenstance anymore-- i played it for 6 months straight my senior year.

elizabeth said...

i know you LOVE her! i'm excited for you! take lots of pics!!

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