heavy metal

i've been working on a couple projects for the mag and by working i mean playing around with make-up. no complaints here!
so far my favorites are the mixed metallics like this:

don't tell my life-partner MAC but i've made the switch:

you just can't beat $7.49 for 2 colors.
can we still be friends MAC?


Wendy said...

I wish I could come to your party! It looks so amazing!

jasmine said...

that's AWESOME that you've switched! you're saving so much money! MAC won't mind. (s)he'll understand.

and, yes, levi will absolutely cut your hair if you're in southern california any time soon! his prices are very reasonable, and you'd get $10 off for being referred by me. i know you have family here, right? come to long beach for a hair cut!!!!

Jennifer said...

I love this. I wrote something similar a little while back proclaiming my love for this make-up over MAC: http://georgiemylove.blogspot.com/2009/03/ooh-la-la-new-make-up.html

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