tomorrow, tomorrow, i love ya tomorrow...

today feels like christmas eve, i am so excited (nervous) for tomorrow's bijou market!
it has been three months of hundreds of e-mails a day, planning, organizing, laughing, crying and cursing myself for thinking i could do this + hold down a full-time job, attend school full-time, try to do something decent for square,
and be an equal partner in a marriage i value above all else... (that's you baby!)

but either way, it's here, and it is going to be AMAZING! i can't wait to see the talent of this beautiful state all together! it really makes me tear up.

so, here's the last you'll hear of it from me-- come and come early!
you won't find a line-up like this anywhere, i can promise you that!

we've been using my twitter account to update everyone on the chaos. we will be tweeting throughout the event, letting you in on the behind-the-scenes stuff you won't see or hear.
check it out!

lastly, read the interview nicole and i had with the daily universe!
many thanks to cherice for making us sound like rockstars!

see you tomorrow?