young love

so a MONTH ago we went to see an old favorite, Young Love, and a new favorite, Paper Route play at Kilby Court in SLC. we only took the Holga and it took me a month to get the film developed and then scan them in. can you imagine blogging pre-digital cameras? i wouldn't do it!

you couldn't tell by this pic but the lead singer for Young Love is a tall drink of water.

i feel like this is a glimpse into what muffin will look like when he's 80...

i threw out half the roll because they were a blurry mess, but this one cracks me up.
we've got the battery and the kodak film label on this one:

but then you get the one golden goose and it's worth it:
and a fellow concert go-er snapped up this one:
every time i wear these jeans out i get stopped by a stranger.
i will let you in on a secret...
i bought the william rast savoy flares a couple years ago because they make
cans look stellar
(especially my lack-luster bum.)
i hardly ever wore them because they were too flared, so i forked out $22.00 to have them tailored into skinnies... LOVE 'em.

and here's some random image love to carry you on your way:


jenna said...

the savoy: my absolute favorite jean. they do make them in to a skinny. but way to utilize.

Jodi said...

The golden goose is very awesome. As is your sweet golden hat.

jasmine said...

love the holgas and the jeans! you guys are so much fun always going to see live music. we used to go a lot too, but it's so expensive!

i have (had) a pair of jeans that people were always stopping me about too. i called them my rainbow butt jeans...because they have rainbows on the butt. soooo cute, and comfortable, and flattering. and now they have two GIANT holes under each butt cheek...seriously from seam to seam. they are now my painting jeans.

oh. and the company who made them sold out to macy's and completely changed their brand so there's no hope of ever getting another pair.

it's very sad.

em ♥ muffin said...


they didn't have them 2 years ago when i could afford them ;)

sentences with the word golden in them are golden don't you agree?

don't you hate that? my favorite jeans have a whole in the crotch and i can't bear to throw them out.

Kayla R. said...

i LOVE THOSE jeans!!! totally look cute on you:)

Kami said...

Those jeans look awesome! I need a new pair bad. Where did you buy yours? I fear the skinnies will make my big old booty and me look like an icecream cone. what to do.

meagan cohoon said...

What! Where? I forked out the bills for those jeans too and never wear them because of the flare. Let me in on the secret. I never thought of doing that, thanks for the tip!

jasmine said...

p.s. levi and i LOOOOOVE paper route. so much.

Sara said...

Ok, I have never thought of doing that. I have a couple pairs of William Rast jeans, and I love them, because of that bootie. They give you a nice little kick right where you need it. But, same thing.. too much flare... may be taking my jeans in for some alterations shortly..

.caroline armelle. said...

love the jeans!
and, p.s. where do you take them to get tailored to skinnies?
i have a few pair i need to do that with...

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