i luff fall

can you smell it? fall is just around the corner (not really, but humor me). fall has the best weather and the best clothes making it my favorite season hands down.

i haven't worked for Gap for a couple years but it still has a soft spot in my heart. they consistently put out well-made, classic clothes. and while i got really used to their 50% off discount and taking clothes directly from shipment boxes to my "for keepsies" pile i still find myself excited by their clothes.

this weekend is Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic/Piperlime's annual Friends + Family weekend where you get 30% off everything in store and online. i have it on good authority that they have tons of extra invites so if you want one leave a comment or have your people contact my people.


here's what's breaking my bank this weekend:

01. a good blazer, classic or knit i don't care... though i am leaning towards the knit. looks coze, no?
{both Gap}

02. i've conceded that i am no longer a size 4. although my ego takes a blow, i have no problem finding a reason to buy new pants. i hear the "always skinny" (left) are awesome... minus the what-the-minnie-mouse-shoe-wearing-atrocity. i am pretty sure i need the black cropped jeans too. {both Gap}

03. boots. freaking kill me every time. i fall for steve madden's version every gosh darn year. although the tough-guy riding boots maybe distracting me for 2009... sorry steve. {both Piperlime}

04. just a few extras that may find their way onto my receipt...

a. perfect over-the-shoulder leather duffle {Gap}
b. bib necklace that reminds me of the juicy couture garden party ring that i am STILL kicking myself for not buying... and i don't even like juicy. in fact, i think it's everything wrong with
utah county. {Banana Republic}
c. hottest purple beauties ever. again, steve. {Piperlime}
d. the perfect denim jacket, i wore mine to rags. {Old Navy}

i tried to get both my sisters to come with me and got the same text from both of them within seconds... "no money, but i'll come for moral support!"
that's what i call a good sister.


Jodee Luke said...

I left GAP like right after G nizzle was born and it's so hard to not want to spend spend spend during Friends and Family. Hubster isn't on board with me. Lame-o huh?

Stacey Sargent said...

i was just telling chris yesterday that i love fall clothes so much more than summer. i love jackets, and tights, and boots, etc.
im excited to get my shop on this weekend.
that knit blazer is calling my name!

Amber said...

I use to work for Gap also and do miss that amazing discount. I try to avoid the store because I never had to pay "full price" for anything. If you have an extra coupon I would love to have one. Let me know!! I am shopping for my hubbies bday gifts this weekend and I would LOVE to have those cropped black jeans!!

Amber said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
.caroline armelle. said...

those look like great choices.

i really want those steve madden boots ever since i saw them at nordies last week.

do you know if the 30% discount work over at piperlime?

megan and melissa said...

I am so excited for this event...I have my coupon in hand and am trying to narrow down all the things that I want. Thanks for showcasing these amazing items. I especially love the leather Gap bag and leather boots from Piperlime. Ahoy fall!

rebecca said...

i'm torn. half of me is with amber ( can't pay full price anymore) and half of me is with you ( loyal, through and through) i'm thinking f&f is the best of both.

Colett (*.*) said...

i have no people, can I still have a f&f card? I would love to get a jump start on back to school shopping and maybe even a little somthin somthin for myself!

kate lines said...

"fall" here doesn't start until december. so i just wear it anyway and sweat to death. its so worth it.

(i love love love gap)

Amy said...

I could use some new clothes from BR, and would love to go there this weekend with a 30% off coupon! Let me know if you have any extras. - Amy

Emma said...

gap is so good to me. thank goodness my mom still works there!

meagan cohoon said...

Fall is too short of a season. It is my favorite as well and I can't wait for it to be here. Love your fall fashion pics, that gap knit blazer is to die for!

Linda Marie said...

Thanks for the shout-out for the G-A-P!! All of your support pays my mortgage, and it is much appreciated.

Shannon :-) said...

I could always spice up my wardrobe.
Happy Fall Y'All. a little early :)

Stevens Point, Wi.

Anonymous said...
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