La would be disgusted

i'm back! i'm still recovering from the sunburn, and post-boat nonstop rocking but found i just found these pictures and couldn't help it...

i remember once in dance class my coach "La" chewed out a girl
for losing her posture in a side leap.
i realize i may have an excuse because i am wearing
the tightest skinny jeans known to man,
but i'm still sort of nervous that she'll see this
and find a way to wag a perfectly tanned and manicured finger at me.
as for muffin... the kid has the hamstrings of 93 year old.


tenorios said...

emily, i somehow found your blog and i am loving it. you keep me entertained. =]

Wendy said...

Don't rip em!

signals3_t5 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
A Girl said...

Thanks for your encouraging comment on A Room Somewhere! What a cute couple you are!

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