sister gail

today is the day my best friend Crystal goes on her 18 month mission to Winnipeg Canada.
what am i going to do without her? i go to her for pretty much everything. i call her when i see someone eat it on a segway, heelies, rip-stick (hate those) i told her first when my parents split, i call her when i'm stoked about something. she's just one of those friends.

her bishop said "i hope her mission president is... healthy" at her farewell on sunday,
but really hopefully he is!
she has so much energy and passion for her beliefs and she'll be a great missionary.

i'm glad someone can enjoy a little mariah carey with me.
i'm not ashamed to admit that "music box" was the first CD i ever bought.
no wait, i really really am.

if you're reading this C, i love you and i will miss you so much!



Dana Dastrup said...

I LOVE the two of you!! The funny thing is I never thought there could be another person quite like you Em, but guess what there is and you two met and became best friends!!
Everytime I would talk to Crystal she seriously would say things that would sound just like something you would say!! Ha Ha Ha!!

Kayla R. said...

You girlies are so CUTE!!!

traci said...

You guys are awesome! She will be great!

cPk said...

My father in law is the mission president there! He's only been there for 3 weeks. Your friend is going to love him. He is so great.

Jazz Joyner Livingston said...

Okay so I want to be there for every transfer to see her new companions meet her! I hope she can find Gail Trant!

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