last week we ventured to the boys at Pizzeria 712's new restaurant, Communal.

everything was absolutely amazing.


if you are, or are married to a person who believes the right portion size is just enough to pop a button and put you to the edge of digestible comfort please listen to me very carefully...

the portions at communal are the true amount of food God intended for you to eat in one sitting. so, if you like large plates filled with large amounts of meat,
eat something before you go to communal.
or go for lunch... or leave your husband at home.

anyway, like i said before, the food was stellar.

if you need a recommendation, here's what we ordered:

*heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, and red onions
*rock salt roasted potatoes -- i'd order the gratin instead
, a little too intense for me.
*squash, pears, and apples -- marry me.

*flatiron steak with lemon butter -- some of the best steak ever tasted. ever.

our dinner was hilarious. we (the wives) were laugh/crying at the whole scene,
while they (the husbands) were just regular crying.

we didn't take any pictures there... sorry. i have issues with it. pictures at restaurants is slowly becoming the myspace mirror picture. you know the one...

but i did snag some from their site. i loved every inch of it:
the color palette
the reclaimed wood floors
the mismatched light fixtures
the white subway tile
the bathroom wallpaper
the art

so happy to see my buddy colett yarro's art up there!!

moral of the story, go eat at Communal.

p.s. today's the last day we're accepting bijou market apps!


iamahoneybee said...

I went on their site and the food looks amazing. If I ever get out to UT I will have to go there for their chocolate caramel tart!

Have you heard of yelp? If you are not already on there you could join and review places. Lots of fun.

Emily Frame said...

a food reviewer would be my dream job, thanks for the link!

Kayla R. said...

I just heard that from someone else too! i am excited to try it:)

Emma said...

i love P712, i can't wait to try their new place!!

ps i can't wait for your next bijou market!

Alison said...

i want you to know I've two-toned my eyeshadow like you had that day I saw you like, oh 10 times. because i suck at makeup, and you obviously rule.

and THAT'S the type of person I am.

look at all these words on your blog! good words!

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