honest scrap blog award

this award/tag is my favorite ever. thank you jenna!

my only guideline for blogging is to be real.
of course, i want my life to appear beautiful and peaceful all the time, but it's not and it's funnier that way.
anyway, i am more than happy to air out my dirty laundry in the name of honesty.

01. while my fellow classmates are stressing out about applying to grad school, in my last semester i really only care to get a passing grade. i know right? reach for the stars!

02. pre-preggo eggo, i used to get ultra annoyed when mothers had nothing but their kids to talk about. now, i will talk anyone's ear off in the vicinity.
HEY! you with the baby two lanes over, *motion to roll down window* what carseat did you buy?

03. when evaluating success after teaching a relief society lesson, if they didn't shed at least a single glistening tear, i didn't do it right. no mercy ladies!

04. i am a firm believer that if you think someone is judging you, you're probably doing just as much, if not more, judging than they are.

05. i try SO hard to eat healthy lately, but all i want to eat is carbs. carbs, BBQ sauce, root beer and preggie pops. i hereby profess my undying love for preggie pops. (not the ginger one though, disgusting.)

06. i don't follow politics because i am so easily swayed and convinced by the speaker at any given moment that i have no clue where i stand. NO CLUE. i feel forever lost because i know i can't just get the facts ANYWHERE, it will always be a biased opinion of those facts.

07. i anticipated the morning sickness, but did not anticipate yakking every single morning, or the lack of control of my drool, the crying, oh the crying (at the drop of a hat), the nosebleeds or, the complete liberties my digestive system took on me. what i absolutely NEVER expected was having to deal with ALL OF THESE things, while trying to take a shower. TRULY, the most pathetic moment of my life. it makes me laugh/cry just thinking about it.

08. i dream about thanksgiving dinner. then it makes me sad because my parents split up this summer and it will be our first holiday with Kit and Kelly, not Kit & Kelly.

09. i am terrified of the newborn cry. i suppose it will be different when it's my newborn that's crying but i get incredibly anxious when i hear that little squawk, and then angry, like "for the love, will someone comfort that baby!!!"

10. despite the reality of #7 or #9, when i take a moment to just breathe throughout the day, i always find myself rubbing my tummy. i try to send that little ziggy some love and assurance that it couldn't have chosen two people who will love it more than we do.


Kirsten Sue said...

I drooled so much during that first trimester I had to carry around a rag. And sometimes a cup to spit into. Sick huh. Those were seriously the worst months of my life.

Amber said...

#7 made me laugh outloud. Thank you Emily for being so open and honest. That is why I read your blog daily. It always puts a smile on my face. Good luck with the pregnancy. I know you are going to be a great mom and that child will be so stylish!!

M&M said...

I thought I was the only one who drooled! That makes me feel better. The other day I was watching click with Adam Sandler and was crying. What a joke!

Jodee Luke said...

Em you are going to be such a great mom! I totally craved "man food" the whole 9 months. BBQ, hamburgers, fries, pizza, wings. David thinks I should pregnant every 9 months! One day I order a cheeseburger and fries for lunch and then went to a different place and ordered it again for dinner along with a bowl of ice-cream...yes yes I did graduated in Health Science!!!

Anonymous said...

I can totally relate to #1!!!! As long as I pass without looking foolish I'm good.
I hope that you start to experience #7 less and less!!

Brandon and Diana said...

Loving your blog! I hear you with #8 and know how it feels...hugs to your whole family from me. Congratulations on the babe too!

rebecca said...

love the honestly! my parents have been through more divorces than i can count on one hand, so if you ever want holiday advice or just to vend, let me know.

Bean said...

Oh boy do I have things to look forward to one day! #10=priceless. :)

KEH said...

emily - i love you. jodee - i'm glad you chose health science as your major and not english.

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