a little m.i.a.

i couldn't help but laugh by a few worried e-mails wondering if i was okay... saying things like "you always post on Mondays." maybe i need to switch it up a bit? i think i'm becoming too predictable!

either way, i am the definition of swamped right now. my head is just staying above the water but if i get a day behind life, i'm officially submerged.
i've got a lot of exciting things coming up, big projects, fashion spreads,
it feels like big things and big changes are ahead and it's EXCITING!

good thing the internet is full of inspiring things so we don't always have to be inspiring,
am i right?

design crush
le love
i suwannee


i've never been jealous of a man's style... until now.

perfect example of mixing prints/patterns in home decor
love Love LOVE!
black eiffel

p.s. applications are now being accepted for bijou market, check it out!
if you're a handmade wizard we want YOU!


journeytojohanssontown said...

Funny that pic of the kids room was also in either the domino design book or cookie.

esther lee said...

I e-mailed that picture from the Sartorialist to my husband last week. It's exactly his kind of style. But I love it so much!

Kayla R. said...

that sounds way exciting! the fail pic is funny!

jasmine said...

i think i need that "everything i want" poster. levi would laugh if he came home and that was on the wall.

i now know how swamped feels. i haven't been swamped in awhile. i am now. it's exhausting. be sure to grab a few spare emily moments every day!

elizabeth said...

lol. glad i'm not the only one missing your posts!

ps I just saw your comment about avery's necklace you gave her... She loves it from time to time and it has broke a couple times too-you know avery... :)



Whitney Bonnett Taylor said...

My brother in law loves "the Fail Blog" haha and just introduced it to us. Love it!

Jennifer said...

oh i love those blue stripes!!

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