seriously folks

i would be the worst sister in the world if i didn't give a holler to my brother collin.
last Saturday he was the headliner for wiseguys comedy club.

wait? what? didn't know he did stand-up comedy? neither did i.
but apparently he's gone a couple times before, they loved him (as they should) and asked him to fill up a bigger time slot.

i knew he'd be a hoot-and-a-half but i was still nervous. when he was on his 2 year mission to Taiwan i would cry just thinking about people slamming the door in his face. i am a sensitive one.

russ is the toughest critic and hardest person to make genuinely laugh onthisearth:

anyway, he was high-larious. i am not even saying that because i'm his little sister. he went 2nd to last and the last guy was professional full-time traveling stand-up comic. i've been laughing at Collin's jokes for 24 years (including womb time) , and it was so cool hearing a crowd full of strangers do the same.
way to go Coll!


jenna said...

haha i love the comment at the beginning... i was going to say, wait collin is funny? i had no idea.

but i'm so glad he is! i want to come see him in action. i get that way when someone i know and love is performing. just clamy hands. you'd think i was up there. two weeks and we're joining your fun whether you like it or not.

Auntie Em said...

I am shocked! I wish I would have known... that would have been so much fun!

Collin said...

Thanks for the shout sis! And thanks for coming!

elizabeth said...

so cute em!

you guys are awesome

Rhonna Farrer said...

totally agree with you Emily!
he was hilarious!
my husband's hard to make laugh...but he thought Collin was FAB...
wanna see him again!

fun to see you!
you are darling!

jasmine said...

that's awesome! congratulations to your brother!

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