did anyone else's jaw unhinge at the sight of stella mccartney's line for gap kids?

i've been looking for a band jacket (for myself) for MONTHS, and have yet to find one that is
the right price and look... but HOLD THE PHONE... now i have to locate one for my unborn son that won't fit into it for 3 more years? thanks a lot stella.

{line arrives in November}


elizabeth said...

Yes, I was in love.

I already asked Collin is I could fit in that one piece sweater and the jacket.

little ziggy will look so rad!

Kimberly Ngarupe said...

it's seriously gorgeous.

A & A Hooper said...

in love! going to gap.com right now!!

Jana said...

oh goodness. these clothes are tdf (to die for). i was literally just looking at a kid's band jacket somewhere else, and saved the photo to my desktop so i could make one for myself. maybe i'll make 2, and send you the extra one :)

Lindsey S. said...

So cute!

P.S. I love your master bedroom!

Kent and Leisy said...

and speaking of cute baby clothes- I got the little skeleton heart black one piece for the ikester. It'll be on the blog by tomorrow. I thought of you when I got it for ONE DOLLAR at ON today.

robin said...

noooooooooooo!! i'm on a spending freeze!

cherice said...

yeah i saw that unfortunately. whoever said you won't go broke shopping for a baby boy was up in the night! I have already drained our accounts and he isn't even here yet! and then this arrives!!!! we're in trouble em!

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