"the best it's ever been"

thanksgiving lived up to my expectations. every single morsel was ecstasy. i ate about half of what i usually consume and learned a very hard lesson...
i do not have room to eat like this anymore. talk about a gut bomb. i had to lie flat for the next 8 hours until the food finally started digesting.

here's a synopsis of the day:
my grandma miki turned 79! she is amazing.

avery discovered whipped cream
we had an impromptu maternity photoshoot {by collin and liz}.
and realized how truly truly dorky we are.

here's a normal one...

i don't even know what this photo is,
but the lighting shows the real magnitude of the baby lump

high fives all around for being huge!

(maternity tee gap cardigan jcrew skinnies F21 oxfords dolce vita)


elizabeth said...

haha! "grandma's stuffing... the best its ever been!"

Yes! I love the maternity shoot... the heart on the belly... lol.

You guys are cute. It was so fun to hang out and eat with you all day. ;)

stacie and geoffrey... said...

I have that shirt and wear it every other day, thank you $4.99 Gap Rack.

Also, you look bangarang pregnant!

Jodee Luke said...

You are toooo cute!!!!

cPk said...

Cute pics em! I saw Sister Horning. We had Thanksgiving dinner together at the chapel. I immediately knew which one was her - She is so darling and cute. The prez and first lady also had very nice things to say about her. I can see why you guys are such great friends.

jasmine said...

you're one of like four people i have ever seen who can pull off skinny jeans. and you're PREGNANT!!! you look amazing, emily. gorgeous!!

Kellee Marie Cook said...

turns out you're one of those cute pregnant ladies.. the baby bump is precious. you look great.

Melly Mel said...

You are so cute! I love your hair and tum tum!!! xoxo I love it. Looks like you guys had a good time.

SJ said...

Your grandmother does NOT look 79! Wow!

You are absolutely gorgeous! I am so glad you had such a happy Thanksgiving!

Lindsey S. said...

You look adorable! You serioulsy look amazing! I love the baby bump. It makes me miss it so bad. I know that sounds weird but I really do miss it!

chari-o said...

Oh I lof that mini muffin baby bump!

Missed you guys and the food! T-giving just wasn't the same.

Nicole Renee said...

Beautiful photos!

Kristin said...

I so wish I had done this. You are just beautiful preggers!

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