shopping list

i don't really have anything else on my mind except bijou market, so why try to fake it?

i usually only get 10 minutes to walk around and shop
but it's always a very productive 10 minutes...

here's some goods i'm excited to snag:

spread the love -- how good does cranberry habanero sound on some left over turkey?

art by colett yarro -- i'm still trying to talk her into painting directly on our nursery wall.
whadya say colett?

freshly picked -- cutest. ever. i will be buying in multiple sizes.

peekabooo monkey-- they might be for girls, but ziggy doesn't mind, do ya zig?

emily sparks-- i've wanted this cuff for 3 shows now, i will get their first!

elsa bags-- how cute are these state pendants? utah, arizona, wisconsin? we'll see.

find your shopping list at bijoumarket.com


Emma said...

i am SO bummed i can't make it tomorrow :( looks like such fabulous stuff! hope you guys have a great day!

Colett (*.*) said...

directly on the wall, oh yeah lets do it!!! I have been after that same cuff for over a year, we may have to fight for it! See ya tomorrow!

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