eve dinner at cheesecake factory & russ sporting his new duck boots

christmas pajamas
{found at target}
russ & i had a few presents each but the real loot went to the little one.
after opening his presents we came to the realization
that we're simply buying what we'd wear but in a much smaller size.

russ: sweat pants & ninja turtles vintage tee
emily: pea coat, buffalo plaid, skinnies & chucks
most priceless moment was when my mom gave casey these PJ's as a joke.
he was stoked. obviously.


Sara said...

HA HA HA - that is TERRIBLE! Poor guy! Where did you even find those?? Looks like maybe Urban Outfitters or something. They are GREAT!

Hayley Anderson Photography said...

So funny! What a sport...

Kayla R. said...

ha ha ha!!! i saw those at walmart and wanted to buy some bad BUT they were GONE the next time i was there!!!

Bean said...

LOVE the pjs!

Sara-Jane Elizabeth said...

Those PJ's are priceless! I love what you guys bought the little one, so cute!

Emma said...

i want those pj's! and those baby clothes are to die for emily, i'm so excited for you.

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