a pregger's guide to style

[first, thank you to everyone who asked for this post! i apologize it took me a few weeks to get it written. i am flattered anyone even cares what i think about dressing when pregnant. hopefully this helps!]

getting dressed when you are pregnant is just like getting dressed when you're not, with the addition of a few quirks:

quirk #1: your proportions change weekly.
quirk #2: comfort must come first, but style can still come second.
quirk #3: maternity clothes are mostly overpriced & not cute.

for the most part i've just made my regular wardrobe work around the babybump. [for years while shopping, i've caught myself saying "i could wear this when i'm pregnant!" alot] but, there are a few actual maternity pieces i've bought that have made all the difference...

must-have #1:
the LONG maternity tank, cami, or undershirt.
these are vital through all stages of pregnancy. they need to be maternity because they are made long in back, and even longer in front. it will cover you in the early stages of pregnancy when you can't button your normal jeans, it will cover your growing belly the rest of the time and hide any panels as well. it also keeps your non-pregnant wardrobe in play longer, you can still wear most of your tops if you have a layer to hide whatever those tops can't cover.

what i bought:
long camis -- in brown, black, & a few white. $8.00 old navy
long sleeve tissue tee -- perfect for a winter pregnancy. you can layer it under your regular short sleeve t-shirts for warmth and once again keep wearing your regular clothes. $14.99 target

must-have #2:
elastic-waist bottoms: jeans, trousers, skirts & leggings.
putting pants on is the hardest part about being pregnant for me. but, i will not wear sweatpants. not happening.
i wore my regular jeans until 6 months unbuttoned, but eventually it starts to dig into your bump & if it hurts you it's probably not comfortable for your floating fetus either. so...

what i bought:
Gap: 1 pair of full-panel gray striped wide leg trousers (for work) $20 (with a 40% coupon)
F21: for a minute during the fall season they made elastic waist skinny jeans & thankfully during that minute a friend alerted me to them. i bought three pairs $19.80 each. i like the demi-panel so these work perfect for me... and you can't beat the price!
Gap: black demi-panel skinny jeans are my least favorite purchase, because they slide off and sag. but, i can't do laundry every three days so i am happy to have them. $29.99
American Apparel: i love their leggings and recently needed to go up a size so they'd fit my expanding hips (they're not maternity.)

[the elastic waist skirt] -- found all at f21 for less than $20.
i didn't buy these skirts specifically, but i have versions of all of these skirts.
just slide them below your belly at your hips.
i think these are a good purchase because you can wear them after pregnancy too.

and that's all she wrote. no, really.
that's all i bought and all i've needed so far to get me from week 1 to week 31.
and this winter coat (in gray)

1. if you have a maternity clothes budget DON'T spend it all at once. every couple weeks i love going out and finding a new top. it keeps my wardrobe feeling fresh, and i am excited to dress myself when i have new options.

2. don't go for the all-to-easy empire waist baby doll tunic shirt/dress. it will make you feel like a huge circus tent. try to find tops that are stretchy enough to fit over your belly, but will still be form-fitting at your hips.

3. balance your proportions. if you do wear a tent-like top, wear leggings underneath, or a belt at your hips. if you have a form fitting t-shirt throw on an unbuttoned cardigan over it. if your boobs are getting huge, wear an a-line skirt. all baggy outfits or all tight ones are no-goes.

4. accessorize. you won't get sick of your clothes if you constantly re-work them: tights, leggings, cardigans, jackets, jewelry, scarves, legwarmers & layering...
i never wear the same outfit twice. it's not because i have a never-ending budget and clothes coming out my ears... cause i don't.

take pride in dressing your pregnant self! enjoy it! embrace it! of course you're not going to feel great about yourself if you sport sweat pants everyday.
so what if no one will see you? YOU see you.

and remember... at least you're not an elephant. they're pregnant for 22 months.


Lindsay ROSS said...

I love the last line. I was a pregnant fashion emergency for 10 months. Im taking all of this advice for the next one.

Sarah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jenna said...

22 months i'd kill myself. i promise.

Silvia said...

I love Quirk #3, because it is so true. I'm not pregnant but those skirts remind me of a skirt/dress I have from American Apparel, way stretchy, long, and comfy.

Katie Boyack said...

This is awesome! Thank you so much for posting this. :)

A & A Hooper said...

love this post! but, now i'm mad that i didn't buy forev's 19$ elastic pants when they were in the store!! grrrrr!
i hope your still feeling great!!
ps. you have a great attitude! my first pregnancy i thought i was going to be big and fat the rest of my life. it made me depressed but, now i realize you AMAZINGLY shrink back to the normal you!

Sarah said...

I am the ultimate blog stocker...I love your post and your super clever take on everything so here I go telling you I'm nuts. Your sense of fashion is so adorable and your posts are so inspiring. Keep it up!

Jake & Bryton said...

thanks a bunch. what a help!!! logging those tips into the think bank.

robin said...

oh my gosh, you are KILLING me! my most recent post is about pregnant fashions... but kinda opposite of your post. so hilarious!

and i would like to see if you still aren't wearing sweat pants at week 36!

kate lines said...

i suddenly have this huge desire to be pregnant.


Ashlee said...

this is sooo great! I'm waiting to get bigger before I buy any fun preggo stuff :)

elledee said...

I love the black and gold skirt!

The Sandy Bottom Crew said...

Love it!

The Moody Tree said...

where were you when i was prego.? good advice.

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