striped, booted, & suited

i know i just said i wasn't ready for spring yet...
but after "researching" for my latest post on 21st & Ivy i realized...
i lied.
how amazing would even 50 degrees feel right now?

nautical stripes @ forever 21 || todiefor suits @ anthropologie || amazing half-boots by sam edelman & jcrew
check out what else i need for spring here.

have a good weekend people...
i've got:
whatever plans russ cooked up for my birthday
the vikings//saints game that is sure to be a nail-biter
a little project with nicole & camera at the sundance film festival
see you soon!


A "cheery" disposition said...

got to have those boots!!!

Brittany said...

i'm so in love with nautical. i keep thinking i've left that phase behind, and then i fall for it all over again.

happy weekend and good luck with your project!

Emily Frame said...

i feel the same way, brittany!

Katie said...

Love those Jcrew boots! I got a pair for Christmas from my sweet husband, and I highly recommend them.

Thanks for the inspiration to wear them through the spring -- and for your great picks :)

Kayla R. said...

WHERE can I get that swim suit!?!?!? i want it!!!

Regan and Michelle said...

As always I love all your posts... good thing we have you there to keep us N'Style!!! by the way i love the pregnancy pictures, you look great!

xoxoKrysten said...

Love that one strapped bathing suit!

mart and lu said...

i love them all how fantastic! especially those boots. i could really use them right now. my feet are freezing. happy weekend!

Missy said...

I already put the Anthropologie swim suit in my shopping bag. I LOVE it. It's so cute. I want it.

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