tipper gore

anyone who's been pregnant can attest that as soon as you're visibly showing... the advice & anecdotes start pouring in.

it's usually a horrifically terrifying story coupled with a word or two of reassurance:

i.e. "i was in labor for 42 hours, but you'll do great!"

now, it's not all bad! i've had some wonderful advice too, and some random tips that are rocking my world right now...01. chew bubble gum after meals to avoid heartburn-- this works amazingly well (for me) i start chewing right after i eat a meal i know will hurt me later (anything that resembles a tomato.)

02. in the winter my lips are constantly dry and peeling. after a shower, get a washcloth wet with as hot-as-you-can-stand water. lightly exfoliate your lip (not too hard, no blood necessary) and it will leave you with smooth lips for days!

03. have a pile of cocktail rings that leave a teal-blue ring around your finger? paint the insides of your rings with clear nail polish & you're good to go!

got a random tip? i'm all ears!


Heather said...

OOh! You hear it ALL when you're pregnant! I think you'll enjoy my blog post about this:


Kami said...

I love all these tips.

ps. and to think I thought you were talking about Tipper Gore. hehe

Brandon and Katie said...

tums have been my life saver! my heart burn is already starting to kick in and i pop a couple of those in my mouth (costco brand)- instant relief. i'll have to try bubble gum to avoid the chalky flavor. don't you love pregnancy?!

Anonymous said...

Don't waste money on diaper pails of any kind. Believe me, I've tried several and they do not work. Instead buy a stainless steel trash can with lid that seals. You can find them a ton of places, in every price range. (I found a pink one at TJMaxx, that worked great for our nursery.) I put the dirty diaper in a small plastic bag, tied shut. The seal really keeps the smell contained and the stainless steel doesn't absorb the smell like plastic trash cans do. I used the bags from grocery stores or small trash bags. This also works for storing cloth diapers until washing if you go that route. :)

Emily Frame said...

yes anon! this is the thing i am looking for!

Danny and Shalayne said...

not a pregnancy one, but the only thing that comes to mind is: to avoid your baby rubbing a bald patch on the back of his (or her in my case) head and thus getting a weird fuzzy mullet i do going on, sleep them on satin sheets. They actually recommend this for everyone as it helps hair while sleeping. It worked fantastic for Ada...I couldn't bare the thought of all her hair all around a fuzzy bald patch in the back.

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