feburary playlist

my playlist for february is ready for your consumption over at Have Your Cake.
it's all about the indulgent work-out, whether it be yoga, ballet, or my latest work-out craze... getting in and out of a warm bath. (i work up a sweat i tell you!)

this month i am loving Jenny's meal plans. they sound SO tasty, and they're incredibly healthy.
wheat pita with turkey, swiss, spinach & avocado? YES PLEASE!

i'm also taking on her latest dare:
"i dare you to get to the bottom of why you eat the things you eat."


The Never Fairy said...

"To die will be an awfully big adventure."


matchgirl said...

Wow, that sounds great! Good luck with the whole bath thing. You might get to the point of needing assistance in about a month or more. Hopefully not, but...maybe.

Kirsten Sue said...

You have the best taste in music and clothes. When is your baby coming!!! I can't wait.

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