is that weird?

russ & i have this little game where we try to say super shocking things to each other
and then end it with ♬"is that weird? do uhn do doo♬

oh yes, this game came STRAIGHT from this skit.

in all seriousness though...

i wish i was in paris. every day of the week.
is that weird?


jenna said...

are you kidding? no. banana & nutella crepes morning, noon and night i tell ya.

Kayla R. said...

ME TOO!!! i said that to my spin class and they said that it is NOT a kid friendly place! interesting huh!

Jodi said...

Ah! My roommates and I are a little obsessed with that skit. We frequently make our hands tiny and say "I like...can I touch?" So good!

Do uhn do doo...

Kimberly Ngarupe said...

i want to be in the paris of my dreams everyday. is that weird?

mina said...

love those pictures... but i kinda think paris is overrated. i'd take tokyo over paris any day.

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