to you, and you, and you

we don't buy valentine's gifts for each other, but if we did...
in *theory* i'd be digging the following:

a dainty heart ring from Sundance for me
a customizable "stump ring" from Digby & Iona for him

since our rule is handmade or free i am thinking printing off some of these darling D.I.Y. candy bar wrappers might be in order...
by Nice Package, download for free here.

lucky for mr. zigglesworth we never need an excuse to buy him junk... so here's what he getting:
the too-cute original prints by Kilsook, the best striped tee ever made by No Added Sugar, and a vinyl record (thrifted!) with "i am a child of God." on it.

why that song? because, it seems to be the only thing that can get him to hold still. no lie, it's like he's doing "the elaine" ALL DAY & NIGHT. click here for a visual.


Kimberly Ngarupe said...

that shirt is adorable.

kylee said...

oh my yesss! seinfeld is the best show ever & the elaine dance kills me. just a few weeks ago my friend and i decided to start doing that exact dance at a dance party. it was great.

Ashley and Chris Miles said...

I wish that stump ring didn't cost a trillion dollars I want one WAY BAD!!! GRRRRRRRRRR darn you Digby and Iona why is your stump ring so absolutely perfect!

Meagan said...

I love love love the sriped tee, I might have to buy one for me lil' one

Alison said...

no presents!? WORST IDEA EVER! But I mean, I did buy my husband food storage buckets, and he bought me new headphones so i'd stop taking his. but still, THEY WERE PRESENTS!


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