and i'm spent

i slept in until 11 am yesterday. of course "sleeping in" is relative when you were up until 11, then again at 2, then 5, then 7 & 9. either way it felt really good, and i think hayes appreciated the lazy morning as well.

the night before we had a great time at Beehive Bazaar's VIP night. it was so fun to see all our other fellow vendor friends and those of you who paid the $8 and came out!
it really is amazing when you think about all the work that everyone puts in to these shows. hours & hours of time! i am grateful that i don't do MHM alone. it's so much better with a friend!

us & our boys. (2 months apart) it was a pretty comical sight. make a headband, feed a baby, make a headband, change a diaper, make a headband, pat a burp out.
hayes taking it all in

rashelle & chadone rub-up on that wiry beard & you'd cry too.
[top from h&m]
so happy the weekend is here.
i hope everyone has an amazing mother's day!


jessica kiehn said...

hahaha the beard comment...so true. Hayes is changing so much already. I love when babies go from that infant look to actual baby look and start looking more unique and like themselves. Such a cutie!

PinkSass said...

You look so pretty. Love your outfit and you hair looks great also.

Angie said...

awwww great photos. That does sound a little funny, make a headband, change a diaper..

Do you sell any of your stuff online or just local??

Kellee Marie Cook said...

baby hayes is BEAUTIFUL. Seriously what a good lookin little guy!

Regan and Michelle said...

Just have to say I am so jealous of your hair!!! it looks gorgeous, especially in that first photo. I have been trying forever to grow mine out and it is sure happening slow. What's your secret? Anyways, always love reading your posts!

{lindy baker cakes} said...

you are so skinny. you look great.

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