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three questions keep popping up in the ol' inbox & comment sections...
i am anti-formspring so here comes the answers:

my hair grew like a weed during my pregnancy. and people are demanding an explanation!
my mom told me that i should be taking pre-natals and fish oil for at LEAST a YEAR before i decided to get pregnant. she had a really great argument, of which all i remember is
blah blah blah your kid will be dumb if you don't blah.
(obviously that's not true, but i internalized it that way.)

so for a year before the the baby formerly known as ziggy came along i took them religiously, and they finally kicked in during my pregnancy- hence the six inch hair growth.

april 2009

another plus-- when i was taking 1000 mg of fish oil a day, i was actually losing weight. belly chubs that the NuvaRing so sweetly bestowed upon me that i couldn't get off even with P90x.

i'm embarrassed about this one. i really am. i thought i would tell you though that if you ever inquire about something the frame family is wearing, i will add the info to the bottom of the post. i can't bring myself to include it if no one asks, i feel lame. so, if you asked, you can find the answers under the "outfits" label.

and third...
after i posted my birth story
(have i thanked you yet, for your amazing well wishes and support? thank you)
i had a flash flood of e-mails regarding it. i still get e-mails and so it confirmed my feelings about this last thing...

when i was preparing to go natural, i searched the web for positive natural birth stories, and if i found one, i would read and re-read to pump myself up. but, for the most part, my searches were turning up empty.

so, the feeling kept coming up and continued to come up that i needed to do something about this. really, i just wished i had a blog like this when i was pregnant. somewhere i could read about real life women & their real life experiences so i started a blog forum:

there are a few birth stories posted there now, and about 10 more coming down the pipe. if you would like to add yours, fill out this questionnaire. then e-mail it to au.naturale.blog@gmail.com

over & out.


Erin said...

Very neat on the "au naturale" birth stories. My sister and I have discussed this topic many times as we've not yet had children and always wonder what the "best" way is. I'm definitely suggesting this page to my sis. :) Thanks.

esther lee said...

From some lovely ladies in New Zealand : http://www.birthstories.co.nz/

Also, http://marvelouskiddo.blogspot.com/ has a birth story per week.

Thanks for starting yours!

I read natural birth stories to pump myself up, too. Even though I'm nowhere near being preggers.

Bean said...

Did you take Fish Oil while you were pregnant too?

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

In my psychology class, the teacher expressed how important it is to take the prenatal vitamins a good year before you get pregnant. It has everything to do with the babies brain development (vital brain development starts the second that child is conceived) Seeing that most people don't even know they are pregnant by 2 months, that is 2 whole months that child's brain has been growing and developing, &the more stored up vitamins you have the better! SO GOOD FOR YOU FOR LISTENING TO YOUR MUM!

Speaking of moms, I should have my mom enter some stuff for your new blog. She had all 6 of her children Natural!

elizabeth kartchner said...

cute em!

sadly, I will never have a story for that blog... ;)

elizabeth kartchner said...

PS you look so darling in those pics!!!

Jenna said...

Last year I went to a natural health doc. to get rid of my acne, she told me to take an outrageous amount of fish oil to cure my acne. Definitely didn't cure my acne, but it really did make my hair grow, insanely fast.

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