bijou: a beautifully crafted gift

i am a little shocked that tomorrow is the big bijou... it creeped up so fast!
this year we are so excited because we are setting up in the orchard at the Jones Manse.
it's going to be so beautiful, and a little bit cooler under the shade of the trees.

because we were out of town last month, Hayes' blessing needed to be this weekend as well.
i get butterflies just thinking about it. i've daydreamed about that moment my whole life,
how my husband would tell Hayes how much he has meant to us thus far, (he really is our little bijou baby) and bless him with all the important attributes and guidance he needs to be the
baby and boy and man he could be.

it's going to be a beautifully busy weekend!
i hope to see you all Saturday!


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Oh I love Baby Blessings. So sweet.
&I am excited to go on Saturday! Should be fun! :)

jenna said...

thinking of you today and wishing we could be there. xo.

Anonymous said...

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